100 minutes

WEBINAR: Agent Network in Emerging Markets – Technology for Cash-Based Economies

Unveiling the Crucial Role of Agent Networks in Emerging Markets

Explore the pivotal role played by Agent Networks in emerging markets, acting as a vital link between conventional economies and the digital sphere.

These networks offer efficient solutions tailored to cash-based economies, significantly impacting the lives of informal workers dependent on cash payments.

In spite of challenges, agent networks have demonstrated remarkable resilience and endurance within developing economies, surpassing purely digital platforms. Join us on this journey to delve into the core factors driving their success, the hurdles of scalability, and their profound influence on the future of financial services within emerging markets.

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Agent Networks in Emerging Markets: Technology for Cash-Based Economies is a must-watch webinar for all those looking to enhance their Agency Banking offerings. 

Watch the Webinar and learn how to apply new viable business models that cover increased efficiency, diversifying financial services, and revenue streams.