75 minutes

WEBINAR: Unlocking Rural CICO Agent Networks for Financial Inclusion

Empowering the Last Mile: Strategies for Optimizing Rural Agent Networks in Digital Financial Services

Discover the transformative power of digital financial services (DFS) in bolstering the resilience of low-income individuals against individual and climate-related shocks, while also seizing investment opportunities for improved well-being. Our focus is on building essential foundations, with a spotlight on the expansive and inclusive deployment of Cash-In and Cash-Out (CICO) agent networks.

The challenge of extending CICO agent networks to remote rural areas, where a significant number of low-income customers reside, requires tailored solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Join our webinar to explore the latest CGAP research on agent networks at the last mile. Dive into the pivotal role of CICO agent networks in achieving financial inclusion, navigate the complexities of extending these networks to rural areas, and uncover five actionable strategies for DFS providers, policymakers, regulators, and funders to drive widespread expansion of rural agent networks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the pivotal steps needed to unlock the potential of rural agent networks at scale. Download the webinar now and equip yourself with the knowledge to drive transformative change in the realm of digital financial services.