Papersoft Agent Management Webinar

  40 minutes

WEBINAR: From Agent Application to First Sale in 48 Hours 

Papersoft Productivity Solutions For Agent Management

To reach new customers at low cost and expand service offerings to new geographies, banks, telcos, mobile network operators, cable television and other service providers are relying on agent networks as alternative delivery channels for financial products, mobile money accounts, and many other subscription-based services.

A main driver in working with agent networks is their reach and loyal clientele: many retail agents have a network of loyal, repeat customers to whom they deliver a portfolio of multiple products and services. Agent Networks provide an important sales channel to enterprises, with valuable opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling for organizations who offer a portfolio of products and services.

However, despite the growing volume of agents across the African Continent, there are numerous utilization, operational and structural challenges in working with agent network models. Distance, geography, infrastructure, culture, technology, education and training can create roadblocks and friction within agent management processes, leading to inefficiencies, fraud, lack of compliance and lost revenue.

The Center for Financial Inclusion and ACCION released a report in June 2019 which outlined common challenges faced when managing Agent Networks . The report highlights Papersoft’s technology solutions as being instrumental in enabling best-practice driven compliant, efficient processes for agent management.

In this webinar we’ll share best practices, project experience, and insights about how four pan-African service providers have increased new bank account openings, SIM registration, mobile money subscriptions and service offerings by introducing smart productivity solutions and business intelligence tools for managing agent networks.

Watch the Webinar and learn how Pan-African Service Providers are Growing New Business by 50% and higher.