40 minutes

WEBINAR: Unlocking Synergy – The Power of eCommerce in Elevating CICO Agency Banking

Can eCommerce boost CICO Agent Networks? ​

With the rapidly increasing popularity of eCommerce, it’s crucial for financial institutions to stay ahead of the curve and integrate these technologies into their CICO (Cash-in, Cash-out) systems.

CICO agents have been playing a very important role in financial inclusion because they reach out to last-mile population, but they face high pressure on their economic viability.​​ On the other hand, ecommerce has the potential to boost economic development by creating employment, diversifying revenue streams, and establishing new value chains and market linkages, but it faces limited uptake. Hence, the question we are prompted to answer is: how may they be integrated and conjugated differently?

In this session we’ll walk through a typical day in the life of an eCommerce Agent while focusing on the challenges faced by rural areas in emerging markets when distributing cash-based last-mile financial services, as well as how to use eCommerce to improve customer service, streamline operations, and boost revenue for both banks and agents.

“Unlocking Synergy: The Power of eCommerce in Elevating CICO Agency Banking” is a must-watch webinar for all those looking to enhance their Agency Banking offerings. 

Watch the Webinar and learn how to apply new viable business models that cover increased efficiency, diversifying financial services, and revenue streams.