Mobile Field Service & Maintenance Webinar – Close the gap between the remote team and the office by easily capturing daily progress

Mobile Field Inspection Webinar

Free recorded Webinar focused on mobile field service and maintenance. Access it from the comfort of your desk!

The facts

Performing a routine inspection, field service or maintenance, and checking the progress on the field traditionally involve clipboards and handwritten notes, without real-time access to information from other project areas. Converting manually collected data into digital format later on the process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Any field inspector will tell you that the paperwork handling associated with…

  • Filling out countless forms and checklists;
  • Scribbling notes;
  • Making sketches;
  • And tracking other important field service and maintenance data that will be later converted into digital format…

… is arguably the most unpleasant part of the day.

You also know that manually transcribing paper-based data into digital format is slow and tedious, error-prone, and frequently unsuitable for search and index. So…, why do you keep doing it?

To modernize this approach, organizations should consider going paperless and mobile, not only to become more efficient and create a high-quality first impression but also make the field service and maintenance process faster, compliant with corporate policies and simpler.

The mobile field service and maintenance webinar

In this 1-hour Recorded Webinar, you will learn how to digitally transform and simplify the field service and maintenance process. Join us and discover everything you need to:

  • Optimize the time and tasks required to efficiently perform field service and maintenance inspections.
  • Avoid using paper-based notebooks and forms.
  • Endpaper logs.
  • Provide an inspection disruptive experience and optimize workflow efficiency.
  • Guarantee data protection, security, and compliance.
  • Send notifications and alerts.
  • Enable self-service.
  • Facilitate traceability and audits.
  • Save field inspection data and profiles to avoid data re-entry.
  • Comply with ISO 27001 regulation.
  • Give a high-quality professional impression.
  • Quick introduction.
  • Context – Field service and maintenance managers expectations about technology (real-time, easy, secure, among others).
  • Main challenges with mobile field service and maintenance – speed, evidence, integration with third party systems, searchability, information integrity and compliance issues.
  • Why and how mobile field service and maintenance is a perfect fit.
  • Demonstration – Mobile field service and maintenance within 3 minutes.
  • Questions & answers.
Who should attend

Whether you are an Operations Manager looking to improve the field service and maintenance experience, a Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manager looking to eliminate audit and inspection delays and guarantee information traceability and data integrity or the CEO looking for ways to provide a high-quality and modern impression, you will love Papersoft’s helpful approach, guidance, and tips.

Business at the speed of paper is no longer acceptable and we are here to help you!

Free recorded Webinar focused on mobile field service and maintenance. Access it from the comfort of your desk!