Welcome aboard 2 Sisters Food Group!

It´s with great pleasure that we announce that 2 Sisters Food Group, one of the UK's biggest and brightest food companies, has stepped into a paper-free journey with Papersoft speeding up their accounts payable processes and automating back-office…
yet diginvoice invoice processing solution

YET launches invoice processing solution in partnership with Papersoft

The new invoice processing solution, digInvoice, combines scanning with automatic processing and ERP integration and is powered by Papersoft’s document management platform.   Our partner YET- Your Electronic Transactions reinforced…
going paperless one step at a time

Paperless it: One step at a time

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A strategy is important in every transformational process. If you are getting digital, you must assure that you are doing it right. Paperless billing, paperless contracts, paperless receipts, and other paperless steps are leading companies through…
Mobile Field Inspection Webinar

Mobile Field Service & Maintenance Webinar – Close the gap between the remote team and the office by easily capturing daily progress

Performing a routine inspection, field service or maintenance, and checking the progress on the field traditionally involve clipboards and handwritten notes, without real-time access to information from other project areas. Converting manually collected data into digital format later on the process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Any field inspector will tell you that the paperwork handling associated with…
Mobile Field Inspection Webinar

Mobile field inspection made easy – how to close the gap between the field and the office?

What is the most unpleasant, yet critical, part of a field inspector daily routine? In any large-scale project, a significant number of workers is out on the field, performing routine inspections and checking the progress made. Such activities…
Enabling a paperless africa

Enabling a paperless Africa - Mobile Money and new business models

Papersofts' Hugo Pacheco was at this year's East Africa Com and sat down with ComSeries to talk about data capture and the new mobile app, which is proving hugely popular with mobile operators for their customer onboarding processes. Overview Africa…
visitor onboarding solution

6 reasons to fall in love with a digital visitor onboarding solution

Managing visitors is a critical access control process traditionally handled through paper sign-in sheets or guest books. A real headache to legal, security, and front desk departments. And, of course, to visitors! A digital visitor onboarding…
how to choose and implement the right document management solution

8 steps to choose and implement the right document management software

How many documents, spreadsheets, and presentations do you handle in a day? Two? Five? A dozen? Now multiply that across your entire organization. Thousands of proposals, invoices, contracts and other documents are created, edited, and shared…
Mobile money solutions customer onboarding

How can customer onboarding leverage Mobile Money solutions?

Mobile Money solutions are typically a success: allowing all kinds of transactions and operations from a mobile device, anytime, anywhere, is amazing. The “little big” problem is that they are implemented on the assumption that the customer…
paperless solutions

Everybody is talking about paperless solutions: should I listen? Where to start?

Most players in the market are talking and thinking about paperless offices, paperless solutions, and processes. Well, you’ve always worked with paper and everything was all right until now. So, why change to a paperless office? Which are…
paperless processes, data extraction and validation

6 benefits of paperless processes with returns in less than 6 months

Although document management solutions have been transforming paper to digital for more than 20 years, it is still a painful process for some companies (Yours also? Check our blog post "Top things never to miss to ensure the success of your…
Mobile Capture for telecoms

Mobile Capture for Telecoms and much more

Mobile and cloud were already chosen by both customers and employees as the new platform. It's now up to the business to do the same and ensure a great user experience and high-quality first impression (real-time, easy, secure). Among others,…
paper-free projects and interoperability connectors

Top things never to miss to ensure the success of paper-free projects

Paper-free projects are allowing many CEOs to raise their companies’ process efficiency at the same time they are decreasing environmental footprint and assuring compliance. Steps towards the paperless society are being given every day by…
Mobile capture platform

How can a Mobile Capture platform drive value and revenue for your business?

Let’s start with the very beginning. A Mobile Capture platform is a paperless solution that allows to register and authenticate users, capture and collect any data and securely send and integrate it with existing systems through mobile devices,…
8 signs you should move to a paper-free office

8 signs you should move to a paper-free office

Is it time for your company to finally join in the paper-free revolution? If you still didn’t start your process-transformation journey, you are most probably being lagged behind. Keep on reading to know more about the different signs that…
Paper-free processes: Why, how and what for? [infographic]

Paper-free processes: Why, how and what for? [infographic]

Managing paper-based information presents significant business challenges. Despite information being created, processed and transacted digitally in a variety of platforms, paper still is a key element for the majority of organizations and this…