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paper-free projects and interoperability connectors

Top things never to miss to ensure the success of paper-free projects

Paper-free projects are allowing many CEOs to raise their companies’ process efficiency at the same time they are decreasing environmental footprint and assuring compliance. Steps towards the paperless society are being given every day by…
Mobile capture platform

How can a Mobile Capture platform drive value and revenue for your business?

Let’s start with the very beginning. A Mobile Capture platform is a paperless solution that allows to register and authenticate users, capture and collect any data and securely send and integrate it with existing systems through mobile devices,…
mobile capture applications

10 reasons why you should be looking at Mobile Capture applications

Have you noticed that the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop users? This new mobile era is bringing possibilities that were not imaginable some years ago. Mobile Capture applications are one of them. New forms of data capture (retrieval)…
mobile capture app

What is a Mobile Capture app and what’s in it for you?

A Mobile Capture app is a solution that allows capturing content anytime, anywhere. The secret is to provide “recipes” (configurable process objects) accessible in a mobile device to capture information/documents/data. In other words, we…