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Papersoft Mobile and Web Apps

Papersoft Mobile and Web Apps help you implement automation capabilities while ensuring operations continue to run smoothly. Start innovating with a decentralized, secure and effective data capture.

Papersoft Web App

Papersoft Mobile App

Always ready, always available

Maximize Productivity

Papersoft Mobile App maximizes productivity by fully extending and automating enterprise document capture processes, and records management, allowing customers and knowledge workforce to directly participate in business processes.

The API and Service-Oriented Architecture, and off course the always present cloud (SaaS) readiness, enable organizations to optimize their capture processes by interfacing with multiple systems, remote platforms and devices enterprise-wide, unifying information silos and implementing transactional services.

Simple to produce “recipes” (widgets) deliver flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness by enabling organizations to bring new processes online across departments, without changing the fundamental platform and services. A process design and architecture based on wizards and customizable forms allows your organization to bring new processes online with just one click. The result: Faster, more dynamic responsiveness to ever-changing business needs.

Better on-site experience

Anywhere, anytime

Papersoft Mobile App addresses the need to move tasks closer to the front office and, in a more radical but real way… to “the street”, where a better on-site customer service experience can be delivered while reducing manual transferring of documents between offices and departments.

Papersoft Mobile App is the answer to compliance, interoperability, seamless integration and visibility, where easy mobile input, availability and security fulfil the key requirement… capture anywhere, anytime.

Cost reduction

Let’s be real and face it.

Let’s be real and face it. The cost and complexity of implementing and maintaining a mission-critical enterprise capture application across an organization can be daunting. Factors include not only the on-premise capture solution, operating system, database, server and IT infrastructure, but also security administration, scalability, upgrade, maintenance, disaster planning, third-party application purchases, application integration, support, recruiting and in-house expertise… when not others…

For an increasing number of organizations, the answer to these problems lies in the cloud and in Software-as-a-Service. Papersoft’s Software-as-a-Service model is remotely hosted and managed by our experienced and certified professionals and offers the best opportunity to cut business risks and accelerate the benefits of enterprise capture.

At the end of the day, the benefits of cloud computing will further help businesses rationalize the investment in document capture.

Greater adaptability

Capture as a Service

If you do not need a thick client installation, we offer a fully web‐based and completely‐featured document and content capture solution available in SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Papersoft Web App is licensed for use as a service and provided on demand. With this model, you gain an agile and technologically advanced subscription service that is regularly updated through the Internet and deployed through the browser.

Papersoft Web App offers numerous time and cost‐saving advantages over on‐premise document capture management software solutions while providing greater adaptability, allowing to evolve, scale and refine the system as needs change. Papersoft Web App can be deployed to any desktop in the world with an Internet connection and a browser. Documents can be scanned with any TWAIN scanner or imported from the desktop thanks to a graphical drag-and-drop interface for uploading documents.

Capture in a snap. Just drag and drop.

Capture all over the world

Scan in Mozambique, index in the Democratic Republic of Congo, approve in the United Kingdom, store or archive in Portugal… the possibilities are endless.

With Papersoft Web App you’re up and operational in days, not weeks or months. you just need to log into your browser and you’re capturing documents wherever you want, anytime you want.

Papersoft Web App

Leverage your business and boost efficiency. Papersoft SaaS offering allows you to deploy digital technology and advanced document management procedures in creative ways to satisfy the ever-changing needs and habits of your corporate organisation.

Papersoft Web App Features

Manage Advanced Case Management

Document Lists Validation

Validate if all documents necessary within a process are correctly captured and check the information consistency / quality.

Preview, review and approve

Validate business rule alerts or inconsistent metadata and edit, approve or reject.

Annexure Upload

Insert missing documents into an inconsistent process.

Download Documents

Download files based on permissions.

Online Pipeline and CSV Report

Have information pipeline visibility and Export report metadata based on document lists

Papersoft Web App Features

Capture, classify and extract content

Drag and Drop files

Upload and index relevant metadata and send to processing queues.


Quickly access content that needs to be worked on.


Get business alerts when inconsistent information is identified.


Find documents based on metadata content search or status.

Audit Trail

Investigate and ensure defensible deposition of your processes.

The on-demand, elastic, scalable, and customizable nature of the cloud must be considered when deploying Mobile and Web Apps. Many different customers might be accessing the same back-end application, but each customer has the expectation that only his application and recipe for documents processing will be properly delivered to users. Our goal is to make sure that multiple instances of the same application are delivered in a scalable and secure manner.

Eurico Batista
Eurico BatistaHead of R&DPapersoft

Remote data management

Papersoft Mobile App

Turn your device into an enterprise document capture and processing app and celebrate paper-free processes with seamless coverage. The easy to integrate recipes or business processes meet your unique needs and help you succeed… anywhere, anytime!

Papersoft Mobile App Features

Easy-to-Use Pre-Defined Processes

Ready-to-use wizard processes

Out off the box predefined transition-processes with ECM interoperability, configured based on user profile.

Index and auto populate metadata

User indexing or metadata extraction from barcodes or QR codes or other libraries with structured information. GPS location capture.

Capture & Classify Images

High quality photo collection of multiple documents such as evidences or ID’s size documents such as passports, credit cards, receipts, others.


Sign documents with privacy disclaimers using a mobile pad.

Reporting and Training

Allow workforce to access process status and improve performance.

Papersoft Mobile App Features

Client Customization and Process Configuration

User Profile Permissions

App configurations based on user roles profile for both processes and language.

Business Rule Validations

Ensure embed compliance within processes with business rules and user interface alerts, guaranteeing correct transactions only.

Client Customization

Process configurations such as icons, names, descriptions, terms and conditions for services / products available, data privacy terms, web services, hybrid or cloud architecture.

Document Creation

Create .PDF document based on form with multiple types of information embed (Image, metadata, e-signatures, location, etc.)

Papersoft Mobile App Features

Access and Security

Auto Login & Tokenization

Login connection via username and password. Token management with time to leave. Administrative back-office features to block devices or users via request.

Online and Offline Processing

Work remotely with or without connectivity.

Off-line SMS Receipts

Configure short message service for off-line processing in order to receive receipts after processes completion.

Information Encryption

Encrypted data on device and transfer. All information is destroyed after success transfer to Papersoft content and document management system.

Your Workers Benefits

  • Encrypted transactions of personal data
  • Seamless onboarding experience
  • Streamline entry point processes
  • Business alerts and notifications
  • Access info anywhere anytime
  • Improve employee experience
  • Automate enterprise capture
  • Capture unstructured data
  • Improve data quality
  • Real time engagement
  • Mobilize workforce
  • Transparent process
  • Real time engagement

Your Business Benefits

  • Build efficiency frameworks based KPIs
  • Have adequate data protection and security
  • Align business continuity and DRP
  • Due diligence risk assessment
  • Reduce risks of non-compliance
  • Standardize business processes
  • Eliminate processing delays
  • Innovate the business model
  • Apply retention schedules
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Consolidate reporting
  • Avoid loss of revenues
  • Avoid data breaches
  • Become data-driven

It’s like building pieces of Lego®

Empowering inspiration business scenarios

After exploring Papersoft specific value proposition to your line of business, check how we can guide you on the path to innovation with streamlined Delivery Packages that smooth the path to your digital transformation journey.

Each Papersoft Licensing Pack has a specific function and the combination of Packs allows to meet the most different  process management and organizational needs – in an agile, secure and accurate way.

Mobile APPs

Use Cases


  • Sim card registration
  • Agent registration
  • M-money registration
  • Departamental forms


  • Policy subscription
  • Incident notification/report
  • Claims management
  • Departamental forms


  • Proof of delivery
  • Field maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Order delivery check-list


  • HR Onboarding
  • Third-party service/product subscription
  • Refunds


  • Account opening
  • Alternative to queues
  • Visitor onboarding
  • Departamental forms
+1.000.000 onboarding

process per month generated through Papersoft APPs

+14.000 daily users

working with Papersoft APPs

+40.000.000 pages

securely processed per year through Papersoft Content Server

100 %

of regional and industry compliance