Paper-free processes: outcomes and recommendations [Infographic]


Despite the widespread acceptance that paper-free processes are a best practice, there is a huge difference between the best performers and the laggards. Piles of paper contrast with clear desks, post bags, and delivery vans contrast with mobile capture, warehouses full of boxes contrast with electronic archives, and forms-based processes contrast with automated workflows.

Even amongst those who have transformed their back-office processes, there is still much work to be done to capture multi-channel customer communications and unify front-office response. The early movers in digital mailrooms and mobile capture are achieving a strong competitive advantage by capturing as close to the origin as possible. Meanwhile, the efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience of all offices could be greatly improved by removing those legacy hiccups of approval signatures and markup copies that still cause paper to pile up on the desk.



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Paper-free progress: measuring outcomes

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