KYC and AML as a Service

Papersoft Onboarding Platform

Seamless coverage and integrated Onboarding Platform that meets organizations KYC and AML unique needs and helps them capture the market while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Proof of Concept

Let us demonstrate the feasibility of our Onboarding Platform and show you how you can achieve the desired throughput.

Run your department or revenue center better

To maximize your performance, relieve your pains and accomplish your goals, what is a must-have in an Onboarding Platform?

Best breed technology

Stay on top and speed up your customers digital transformation journey

Papersoft Onboarding Platform for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) allows to easily implement or optimize your onboarding processes. With a vendor-centric design, a very intuitive interface and incorporating the best breed of technology, such as mobile signature, fraud detection and secure digital file exchange, Papersoft Onboarding Platform enables organizations to significantly improve their customer on-store/site-retention rank and service delivery methods.

Know your Customer

Guarantees compliance and leverages your business opportunities

Mobile Capture is a paperless approach that allows to register and authenticate users, capture and collect any kind of data and securely send and integrate it with your existing systems through mobile devices while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Agility and security

The Brightest Recipe

Papersoft Onboarding Platform can help you not only by applying agile strict registration rules and legal policies to the submission or update process but also by bringing mobility and security to the business.

Overall, this solution guarantees a full control of your onboarding process by providing an industry-leading security-focused solution and set of in-app flexible tools that allow you to identify, register and authenticate users… with a simple touch on a mobile device.


    Mobilize and optimize sales workforce.


    Leverage current business and get a deeper understanding of your customer needs and profile.


    Automate processes / workflows and eliminate error-prone manual tasks with interlinked and robust system integration

Integrated business framwork

How we do it

Improve the way you work


Data accuracy

M-commerce opportunities

Faster registration process (less than 2 minutes)

Reduced operational costs (more than 30%)

Improved audit, control and traceability

Reduced fraud risk with cross checking information

Robust, real-time interactive reports

Embedded regulatory compliance

Easy to install/use and integration with any system

Detailed information about the customer (cross-selling)

Sub-Saharan Africa ranks among the top regions in terms of growth in the number of mobile phone users. (…) Many governments in response to rising crime and fraud schemes involving mobile phones have implemented mandatory registration procedures. The main justification for the measure is to combat crime, to prevent fraud and to support Anti- Money Laundering and the Combating of the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) measures.

Nicola Jentzsch
Nicola Jentzsch Implications of Mandatory Registration of Mobile Phone Users in Africa

Customer Onboarding

A customer centric approach

Onboarding Platform Features

Redefining Customer Onboarding and retention processes

Auto populate metadata

Metadata extraction from barcodes or QR codes or other libraries with structured information.

Ready-to-use wizard processes

Configure e-forms, icons, descriptions, terms and conditions for services/products available, data privacy terms and others.

Capture & Classify Images

High quality photos of documents such as evidences, ID’s size documents, receipts, others.

User Profile Permissions

App configurations based on user roles profile for both processes and language.

Business Rule Validations

Ensure embed compliance within processes with business rules (offline or via web services) and interface alerts guaranteeing correct transactions only.

Online and Offline Processing

Work remotely with or without connectivity. Manage user tokens, device blocking and SMS receipts via back office.

Collect E-Signatures

Sign documents with privacy disclaimers using a mobile pad.

Information Encryption

Encrypted data on device and transfer. All information is destroyed after success transfer to Papersoft content and document management system.

Document Creation

Create .PDF document based on form with multiple types of information embed (Image, metadata, e-signatures, location, etc.)

Reporting and Training

Allow workforce to access process status and improve performance.

Your Workers Benefits

  • Streamline entry point processes
  • Business alerts & notifications
  • Standardize business processes
  • Up/cross selling opportunities
  • Access info anywhere anytime
  • Automate enterprise capture
  • Capture unstructured data
  • Improve data quality
  • Monitor performance
  • Mobilize workforce
  • Team training
  • Gamification

Your Customer Benefits

  • Seamless onboarding experience
  • Transparent process
  • Encrypted transactions of personal data
  • Improve customer experience
  • Real time engagement with clients

Your Business Benefits

  • Build efficiency frameworks based KPIs
  • Adequate data protection and security
  • Align business continuity and D.R.P.
  • Due diligence risk assessment & KYC
  • Reduce risks of non-compliance
  • Eliminate order-2-cash delays
  • Innovate the business model
  • Apply retention schedules
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Consolidate reporting
  • Avoid loss of revenues
  • Avoid data breaches
  • Become data-driven

It’s like building pieces of Lego®

Empowering inspiration business scenarios

After exploring Papersoft specific value proposition for your Line of Business, check how we are able to guide you on the path to innovation with streamlined Delivery Packages that smooth the path to your digital transformation journey.

Each Papersoft Licensing Pack has a specific function and the combination of Packs allows to meet the most different process management and organizational needs – in an agile, secure and accurate way.

Your business within your pocket – Use case video

+1.000.000 onboarding

process per month generated through Papersoft APPs

+14.000 daily users

working with Papersoft APPs

+40.000.000 pages

securely processed per year through Papersoft Content Server

100 %

of regional and industry compliance

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