The long way back – a book by António Bizarro

Our colleague António Bizarro, from the operational support department, has just published a book of tales that we invite everyone to read – we are really proud to have people so inspiring in our team!

Entitled ‘The long way back’, the book has 160 pages, includes several short stories and is only available in electronic format at coolbooks portal (which by the way is totally coherent with our war on paper mission!).

Tony Dornbusch is a writer in search of answers. Ian Fallon is a born killer on death row. Michael Patton is a police in confrontation with his past and humanity’s future. Johanna is a teenager whose body becomes a battlefield between God and Devil. These are some of the characters who live and die in the city of Saint Paul near MacLaren Institute and Arion river.

About the Author
António Bizarro was born in 1978 in São Paulo and currently lives in Pirescoxe, halfway between a fifteenth-century castle and an ancient olive tree. António wrote his first book of short stories, Siamese Dream, in 2010. He joined the compilation ‘Seek and Thistroy’, from Thisco Records, with the electronic music project ‘City of Industry’. In 2015, he released his first album ‘Opus I: Dark Room’, available on his Android blog: Apocalypse.


Congrats, António, for another awesome accomplishment!