Mobile Capture evolved to Waynbo Toolkit

Mobile Capture opened the way for a new platform.
Waynbo Toolkit is the new Agent Channel solution.

Waynbo takes the best from what Mobile Capture was
and adds next-gen features for Agency Banking and Agent Networks management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to companies still using Mobile Capture?

Mobile Capture will continue working. Papersoft guarantees operations and support for Mobile Capture clients.

What happens is that Papersoft will no longer provide Mobile Capture to new projects. All new clients looking for Agency Channel solutions will be provided the new Waynbo Platform.

What do I do if I have the Mobile Capture but I want to change to Waynbo?

If you’re a Mobile Capture client and you want to evolve to the new Waynbo solution, Papersoft Team will discuss and assist you on the transition process. Please, contact us on the email

What is the difference between Mobile Capture and Waynbo?

Waynbo is an improved product, based on Mobile Capture technology. As any other software company, we want to keep innovating and evolving our products. But instead of updating Mobile Capture, we chose to launch a brand new solution, built from scratch, with all the previous know-how and with new industry insights. The result we hope to achieve with Waynbo is an even more flexible platform, prepared for omnichannel visions and with a great user experience.