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Easy wins, lessons learned and critical recommendations to leverage your data for decision-making.

In which stage of the digital transformation are you? Download the Papersoft/IDC eBook and discover what you need to evolve.

Learn how to put an effective mobile strategy in place to take advantage of the 24/7 connected business world: accelerate customer onboarding and boost process efficiency, among others.

Learn everything you need to successfully evaluate and implement a Shared Services approach in your organization.

Get answers to the main issues regarding Customer Onboarding: Identify and Know-Your-Customer while guaranteeing top level compliance.

Managing content is hard! You need to take the time to plan. And plan right. This checklist by our partner AIIM (The Global Community of Information Professionals) will show you how.

Learn how data capture is the gateway for inbound and outbound content and the starting line where digital transformation initiatives begin.

Targeted to Large Service Providers with complex and high-valued offerings, this eBook aims to help you move beyond having data to being data-driven.

See how paper-free is improving productivity, accessibility and compliance, the progress you’ve made and how your organization compares to others.