Digital Agent

Capture the market and sell more while guaranteeing data accuracy, regulatory compliance and faster registration processes.

We provide you a easy to install and use mobile platform that gives you seamless sales coverage, flawless integration with any customer system, detailed information about the customer (cross-selling) and meets your organization KYC – Know your customer challenges, your fraud and risk detection initiatives and your AML – Anti money laundering unique needs.

Easily create new m-commerce opportunities and optimize your customer onboarding and sales registration processes, while reducing operational costs, and at the same time, improving your audit, control and traceability procedures.

By benefiting from a unique vendor-centric design and a very intuitive interface, and incorporating the best breed of technology such as mobile signature, fraud detection and secure digital file exchange, you will be able to significantly increase the customer on-store/site-retention rank and develop your service delivery methods.