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Papersoft Content Services Platform

Papersoft Content Services Platform uses innovative technology to get the most out of existing and new contents.

Papersoft Content Server Suite

PaaS – Plataform as a Service

Papersoft Apps

SaaS – Software as a Service

Onboarding Platform

KYC and AML as a Service

Customer Segments

Line of Business

Looking for ways to help your department or revenue center run better? Explore Papersoft Solutions for your specific Line of Business – from customer service and document processing operations to sales and order management – and find the software that meets your unique content and document management needs.

Your ideal subscription batch

Delivery Model

Papersoft delivers its solutions based on one set of common software and data definitions that are consumed in a one-to-many model, by all contracted customers, on a pay-for-use basis. Papersoft develops proprietary software, delivered and managed remotely, anytime and anywhere, using Papersoft cloud platform.

Papersoft Content Server Suite (PaaS)

Managing critical processes at the entry point is crucial to increase team productivity and ensure information quality at a lower cost.

Optimize Operations

Get all the information and tools that help you run and optimize Papersoft Content Services Platform.

Content Server Suite Features

Efficiently gathers all the data you need, analyzes it, stores it, and delivers it for end-to-end insights and action.

Upgrade your business

To maximize your organization performance and relieve your pains, what is a must-have in a Content Services Platform?

Act in the moment and innovate for the digital economy

Transform Data Into Insights

Real-time responsiveness and timely access to information.

Reimagine the way you do business

Papersoft Content Services Platform

Data and business management is better when it’s simple.

Papersoft Apps (SaaS)

An efficient, decentralized, agile, integrated and secure paperless experience that makes all the difference.

Optimize Operations

Get all the information and tools you need to run and optimize Papersoft Content Services Platform.

Innovative Decentralized Capture

Deploy digital and decentralized capture technology, advanced content classification, and compliant validation rules.

Decentralised capture

Turn your devices into an enterprise document capture and processing App

… and celebrate paper-free processes, with seamless coverage and integrated features that meet your unique needs and help you succeed… anywhere, anytime!

The starting point of your paperless office

Now, getting documents from their source into a digital repository is a snap, whenever you want, wherever you want.

A single and open SaaS – Software as a Service – ecosystem for tackling the challenge of remotely managing data received by several people, departments, branches, and offices anywhere around the world.

Onboarding Platform

Seamless coverage and integrated platform that meets organizations KYC and AML needs and help them capture the market while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Proof of Concept

Let us demonstrate the feasibility of our content management concept and show you how we are able to help you achieve your desired throughput.

KYC and AML as a Service

Digitally give life to your onboarding business cases in a simple, fast and secure way.

Complete due-diligence

Our Brightest Recipe

Papersoft Onboarding Platform can help you streamline your onboarding processes, not only by applying agile strict anti-fraude rules and legal policies to the registration, submission, or update process, but also by bringing mobility, interoperability and compliance to your business.

Overall, Papersoft Onboarding Platform guarantees a full control of your onboarding processes by providing industry-leading security-focused apps and set of in-apps flexible tools that allow you to identify, validate, register and authenticate users… with a simple touch on a mobile device.

Seamless coverage and interoperability


Papersoft Onboarding Platform for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) allows to easily implement and optimize your onboarding process. With a vendor-centric design, a very intuitive interface and incorporating the best breed of technology, such as digital certified mobile signature, anti-fraud features (Thomson Reuters Database Integration) and secure digital file exchange, Papersoft Onboarding Platforms enables organizations to significantly improve their customer on-store / site-retention rank and service delivery methods.

Papersoft partner program

Expand your business and unlock a world of opportunities by partnering with Papersoft.

We have the technology and the expertise. You have the market knowledge and/or the software solution that can be enriched by integrating our solutions or services. Together we can power growth and achieve great things!