Papersoft/AIIM Free Webinar – Growing the Seed for Your Digital Revolution with Modern Capture


Modern capture has become so much more than document scanning and digital storage. Today, capture is viewed as the starting line where digital transformation initiatives begin. In other words, business-critical data isn’t just being captured and stored, now it’s being integrated with critical workflows to help people work more effectively, more profitably, and with less risk and errors.

Mobile Field Service & Maintenance Webinar – Close the gap between the remote team and the office by easily capturing daily progress

Performing a routine inspection, field service or maintenance, and checking the progress on the field traditionally involve clipboards and handwritten notes, without real-time access to information from other project areas. Converting manually collected data into digital format later on the process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Any field inspector will tell you that the paperwork handling associated with…

Visitor Onboarding Webinar – How to enhance the guest experience with a secure and compliant registration

Free recorded Webinar focused on visitor onboarding. Access it from the comfort of your desk!

The facts

Managing visitors is an essential access control activity traditionally handled through paper logs or guest books. To modernize this approach, organizations should consider going paperless, not only to become more efficient and create a high-quality first impression but also to make the visitor management process more secure, compliant and simplified.

The visitor onboarding webinar

In this 1-hour Recorded Webinar, you will learn how to make it easier to enroll and manage visitors at the front desk. Join us and discover everything you need to:

  • Optimize the time and tasks required to sign-in new and returning visitors.
  • Comply with ISO 27001 regulation.
  • Avoid keeping your visitor ID card.
  • Provide a better visitor experience and workflow efficiency.
  • End paper logs.
  • Guarantee data protection, security, and compliance.
  • Ensure NDAs are signed for relevant visits.
  • Send notifications and alerts.
  • Enable self-service.
  • Facilitate traceability and audits.
  • Save visitor profiles to avoid data re-entry.
  • Give a high-quality first impression.
  • Quick introduction.
  • Context – visitors expectations about technology (real-time, easy, secure).
  • Main challenges with visitor onboarding – data protection, security, and compliance issues.
  • Why and how digital Visitor Onboarding is a perfect fit.
  • Demonstration – Onboarding a visitor within 3 minutes.
  • Questions & Answers.
Who should attend

Whether you are a Security Manager looking to improve visitor onboarding experience, a Logistics/Facilities Manager looking to eliminate check-in delays and guarantee data protection/compliance or the CEO looking for ways to provide a high-quality first impression to visitors, you will love Papersoft’s helpful approach, guidance, and tips.


Business at the speed of paper is no longer acceptable and we are here to help you!

Free recorded Webinar focused on visitor onboarding. Access it from the comfort of your desk!


Client Onboarding Webinar – How to implement a mobile-first approach that boosts sales and ensures compliance

We live in a global world where business is done far beyond company’s boundaries. This means that many processes start off in the field, out of your office environment. Nevertheless, they also need to be controlled, secure, compliant and integrated into your core systems. How do you ensure it today? Do you wait for the field worker to get back to base or to submit the paperwork? Do you struggle to sell anytime, anywhere, and deliver a consistent, real-time experience to clients across all touch points? If so, this recorded Webinar is what you need to start a new and effective approach.