Deal with complex integration processes and deliver/exchange information in the context of knowledge sharing. Connect your IT heterogeneous landscapes and information silos across distributed applications and technical systems.

how to create a mobile solution

How to create a mobile solution that delivers clear business value? Follow these 5 quick tips.

The world is going mobile and companies are no exceptions. Banks, Retailers, Telecoms and Insurance companies are just some of the industries that can benefit from a mobile solution and paper-free processes. But there are still many opportunities…
content services blog article

Content Services: why it should be your Top Priority

The concept "Enterprise Content Management" no longer reflects market dynamics or knowledge needs in the digital era. For years, it has tried to serve companies all over the world but is now surpassed by another approach. Content Services are…
distributed capture - point of entry

Distributed Capture - Ensuring data quality since the point of entry

In the paperless and non-digital world, data quality has a lot of non-answered challenges. But it’s the way data is captured and integrated into the systems that matters the most. If not done properly right at the entry point all the subsequent…

KYC - Do you really Know Your Customer? 5 things to consider to help you sell more

Customers are precious and are at the center of every successful business, whether it is B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or B2B (Business-to-Business). There are many strategies, philosophies, and books dedicated to this subject. If in the old days,…
case management blog post part iii

Decision-making and performance: how to map it out and capture it with perfectly fitted case management deliverables (part 3)

Now that you know what is Case Management, why you need it (part I of this article) and how it is in action (part II of this article), let’s see the non-negotiable characteristics of a Case Management solution that help you work, save, serve…
case management deliverables

Decision-making and performance: how to map it out and capture it with perfectly fitted Case Management deliverables (part 2)

Now that you know what is Case Management and how do you know if you need a Case Management solution (part I of this article), let's see Case Management in Action! By definition, Case Management is best applied across four types of work: process…
decision-making and performance: case management

Decision-making and performance: how to map it out and capture it with perfectly fitted Case Management deliverables (part 1)

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are looking for some kind of smart solution to help you deal with the many daily information management cases that support your decision-making process. For you, effective decisions that will take…
what is document management system

What is document management and why should you care?

Today, having knowledge is having power. But how can we disclosure this super force hidden inside multiple and exponentially growing data, files, and devices? Document management is the answer. The fact is there is more content available…
going paperless one step at a time

Paperless it: One step at a time

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A strategy is important in every transformational process. If you are getting digital, you must assure that you are doing it right. Paperless billing, paperless contracts, paperless receipts, and other paperless steps are leading companies through…
Mobile Field Inspection Webinar

Mobile field inspection made easy – how to close the gap between the field and the office?

What is the most unpleasant, yet critical, part of a field inspector daily routine? In any large-scale project, a significant number of workers is out on the field, performing routine inspections and checking the progress made. Such activities…

Records Management - What is it, why is important and where to start?

ISO standard 15489 defines Records Management (RM) as the field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and…
why mobile capture projects fail

8 reasons why Mobile Capture projects fail (and what to do about it)

According to an AIIM report underwritten in part by Papersoft, “Paper-free processes: measuring outcomes”, despite the widespread acceptance that reducing and removing paper is a best practice, there is a huge difference between the best…
case management

Case management solutions as the perfect fit for dynamic process automation

Case management is the handling of non-routine or unpredictable business processes, including communications, forms, documents, contracts, claims, proposals, loans, and reports.  It includes any process or project that has a defined beginning…
how to choose and implement the right document management solution

8 steps to choose and implement the right document management software

How many documents, spreadsheets, and presentations do you handle in a day? Two? Five? A dozen? Now multiply that across your entire organization. Thousands of proposals, invoices, contracts and other documents are created, edited, and shared…
5 things to consider when evaluating enterprise mobile capture solutions

5 things to consider when evaluating enterprise mobile capture solutions

We know it’s not easy to choose the right enterprise mobile capture solution for your company. With so many options available (each one claiming to be the best), how do you decide? If you're evaluating enterprise mobile capture solutions to…
paperless solutions

Everybody is talking about paperless solutions: should I listen? Where to start?

Most players in the market are talking and thinking about paperless offices, paperless solutions, and processes. Well, you’ve always worked with paper and everything was all right until now. So, why change to a paperless office? Which are…
Mobile Capture for telecoms

Mobile Capture for Telecoms and much more

Mobile and cloud were already chosen by both customers and employees as the new platform. It's now up to the business to do the same and ensure a great user experience and high-quality first impression (real-time, easy, secure). Among others,…
paper-free projects and interoperability connectors

Top things never to miss to ensure the success of paper-free projects

Paper-free projects are allowing many CEOs to raise their companies’ process efficiency at the same time they are decreasing environmental footprint and assuring compliance. Steps towards the paperless society are being given every day by…
Mobile capture platform

How can a Mobile Capture platform drive value and revenue for your business?

Let’s start with the very beginning. A Mobile Capture platform is a paperless solution that allows to register and authenticate users, capture and collect any data and securely send and integrate it with existing systems through mobile devices,…
mobile capture applications

10 reasons why you should be looking at Mobile Capture applications

Have you noticed that the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop users? This new mobile era is bringing possibilities that were not imaginable some years ago. Mobile Capture applications are one of them. New forms of data capture (retrieval)…