BPO as a Service (on-premises or off-premises)

Papersoft Business Process Outsourcing

By clearing the unknowns and reducing worries, our Business Process Outsourcing services boost competitiveness and responsiveness to your needs. They are also a great option if you want to increase productivity and have higher expertise at a lower cost.

Invoice Processing

Automate and optimize your accounts payable/receivable process right from the entry point.

Auto Reconciliation

Flexible design-time setup of document templates and data extraction fields for contracts and forms processing automation.

The factory within the factory

On-premises document processing services alternative. We setup a production environment inside your facilities.

Capture, classify, validate and export

Are you are prepared to do everything by yourself?

Process intensive tasks

Document capture solutions have been transforming paper documents to digital for more than 20 years. However, it is still a painful process.

On-going expenses, lack of experience dealing with large volumes of documents, and limited and expensive resources for data verification/validation, still bring imperfection to the dream of a paperless office.

Document scanners now have advanced image-processing capabilities. You can get one for a reasonable price, but it can jam, it needs cleaning, rollers need to be replaced…. in the end, you have an undesirable piece of equipment that locks down a full-time operator, which is an on-going expense.

But that’s just where the challenges begin… next, images have to be grouped into documents, documents need to be identified and any relevant data extracted, both for storage indexing and possibly for integrating a line-of-business application. And we haven’t spoken about the hard document pre-scanning tasks! Are you sure you don’t need Business Process Outsourcing Services on document management?

What benefits of Business Process Outsourcing on document management are most valued?

Get the best out of people, technology and processes

  1. Faster turnaround times to customers.
  2. Fewer operational staff physically handling mail.
  3. Data capture for downstream processes is better quality.
  4. Immediate access for mobile/telework/outsource staff.
  5. Demonstrable compliance tracking of mail received.
  6. Reduced storage and processing space for mail.
  7. Faster “post-box-to-inbox” times.
  8. Environmental benefits – fuel, photocopies, etc.
  9. Outsource of mail-handling operations.

Info Source: Global Community of Information Professionals – AIIM

Simplicity, speed and quality

We turn seemingly complex process less intimidating

Delegate one or more of your non-productive and redundant intensive document processing tasks to Papersoft certified document imaging architects and content management professionals that, in turn, owns, administrates and manages the selected document transformation processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics.

Our Business Process Outsourcing services may be leveraged across specific industries like Telecommunications, Banking, Retail and Insurance and vertical-specific offerings (those that demand specific industry vertical process knowledge and Automated Reconciliation like invoice processing, contracts management, forms management, among others).

Is your business running smoothly?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


  • Your customers, your employees or your suppliers complain about delays?
  • Have you found that your department makes numerous errors and/or makes the same one again and again?
  • Do you want to understand how your department can improve its efficiency so that your employees can spend their limited time on more valuable work?
  • Have you discovered challenges with the handoffs between departments?
  • Do you want to increase your department’s productivity?
  • Have you noticed duplication of data or tasks in multiple departments?

If you encountered one or more of these situations in your daily corporate activities then Papersoft services can help you succeed.


  • Improves your ability to meet customer’s and vendors needs.
  • Helps you eliminate errors.
  • Identifies opportunities to yield a more effective and efficient process.
  • Makes clear the relationship between departments and the roles and responsibilities of each.
  • Improves your department’s productivity.
  • Eliminates redundancy.

To sum up, here comes the really hard question… does every step in your document management process add value to your business?

If you still find yourself wondering whether you should undertake a process improvement effort and work with our specialized and experienced team of document management architects, ask yourself the above questions.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you should start immediately evaluating the implementation of our services.

Invoice Processing

Managing critical processes at the entry point is critical to increase the productivity of operational teams and ensure information quality and reduce cost.

Optimize Operations

Get all the information and tools you need to run and maximize Papersoft services.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Would you like to better manage your AP/AR information in the digital chaos era?

Upgrade your business

What is a must-have in an Invoice Processing solution to relieve your specific pains?

Please meet our Invoice Processing service

Are you looking to reduce document-handling costs and streamline tasks?

In the midst of the current economical challenges, businesses have intensified their focus on cost containment and workforce optimisation. The accounts payable/receivable or finance/patrimony departments, outsourced medium accounting firms and big BPO financial services are uniquely positioned to support these goals.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t have the needed automation, digital maturity, executive focus and business alignment. In fact, manual and paper-based processes are still eroding the bottom line of any sized companies to the order of thousands of euros, if not millions, each year. Only one-third have any significant level of digital transformation in place.

Enhanced profitability

With our services your organization gains advanced capture capabilities to achieve goals more quickly and cheaply

At Papersoft we know that an organized and functional invoice processing process depends on maintaining an efficient sorting and distributing information system. Our service team is prepared to deal with multiple scenarios where documents can be acquired physically or digitally, considering the source in which they are processed and stored. When physically supported, documents are prepared, sorted and scanned into digital images. Information is then classified by type, purpose, and destination based on predefined business rules. Once sorted and classified, it can be integrated into other systems such as CRMs, ECMs or ERPs and finally stored, in physical or digital format, within our archive solutions.

From acquiring a document all the way through the storing and content management process, Papersoft Invoice Processing service is a completely automated service for turning your business processes far more organized, streamlined and accurate, while considerably reducing processing costs.

Automated Reconciliation

Advanced document & data recognition capabilities that empower organizations to the next step in automating the classification lifecycle of paper documents.

Optimize Operations

Get all the information and tools you need to help you run and optimize Papersoft software.

Data Extraction and Validation Services

Automatically classify documents, extract and integrate
critical data using advanced capture tools.

Effortless document capture

Turning your document capture processes far more simple and accurate, while reducing processing costs

Organizations are currently dealing with so many documents that it’s becoming quite a challenge to search, access and identify the required information.

By using Papersoft Automated reconciliation services, you have the ability to automatically classify documents and extract accurate critical data using advanced capture tools like optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), barcode and check mark/optical mark recognition (OMR).

Easy to use templates

Flexible document recognition features

Papersoft Automated Reconciliation services provides flexible design-time setup of document templates and data extraction fields.

In the past, one of the significant challenges with enterprise systems was the complexity and amount of upfront setup work involved in “training” the capture system. Papersoft service is always “learning” and allows you to easily classify the several incoming documents and extract data using extraction zones and/or free-form rules.

Our proved methodology and intelligent open and modular architecture were designed to significantly reduce the amount of time of setting up a document template and configuring/placing fields and local anchors for extracting data.

The result is a faster time to production, as well as a reduced time and cost of maintaining projects going forward. This is even more optimized if you choose our Papersoft solutions.

Papersoft partner program

Expand your business and unlock a world of opportunities by partnering with Papersoft.

We have the technology and the expertise. You have the market knowledge and/or the software solution that can be enriched by integrating our solutions or services. Together we can power growth and achieve great things!