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A Mobile Capture app is a solution that allows capturing content anytime, anywhere. The secret is to provide “recipes” (configurable process objects) accessible in a mobile device to capture information/documents/data. In other words, we are talking about business processes based on wizards – simple as that.

Mobile Capture is made by taking photos or scanning QR Codes through mobile apps (such as Papersoft app). After collecting the required information, a single final digital document is created and sent to the system. Some may include what is called pieces of evidence: images of accidents and occurrences to support insurance processes, for example. Others may request electronic signatures to validate customer’s authentication and identification.

How a Mobile Capture app does actually work?

There are several use cases and all of them have one thing in common: the «formula» behind Mobile Capture is to efficiently and intelligently connect processes (information lifecycle, retention policies, regulatory compliance, information integrity and availability, systems interoperability), people (access policy, data classification – public/secret/private/confidential -, localization, electronic signatures) and products/services (general terms, conditions and acceptance terms).

Mobile capture is the entry step for a paperless experience. It offers easy to use predefined process transactions, is ideal for on-the-go remote teams, guarantees standard compliance requirements in processes and is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

For example, let us introduce Jules. Jules is getting a new smartphone from a street vendor. Using a device connected with a Mobile Capture app, the vendor, easily and immediately, is able to capture and process key data points [Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures], such as the identity of the customer, i.e. customers need to provide personal details such as name, physical address and contact details before the telecom provider enters into a business relationship with the customer. Another type of information such as the smartphone ref. nº, Jules ID, QR or Bar Code signature, and so on are also retrieved. After that, this information is immediately and securely sent for content transformation (automatic and advanced data extraction when applied) and processing (quality control and validation) and once completed, is finally integrated into your company’s system.

Key benefits of Mobile Capture

According to an AIIM study, the speed of data availability and keeping paper out of the process were appointed by respondents as the biggest benefits of Mobile Capture. Capturing content on mobile devices and automating the delivery of that content to back office processing systems, or even to third party solutions, allow companies to have critical data for processing much faster. This prevents having to wait for the field worker to get back to base with all the paper-based forms and eliminates the need of submitting paperwork to head or central office. In the end, speed is what it counts. With a Mobile Capture app, you have the information you need just with a click.

Keeping the paperwork out of the system is also a benefit in itself, and that in turn enhances back office efficiency. Shorter end-to-end cycle times and better data accuracy are also welcome benefits. In many industries such as banking, or telecommunications, mobile apps provide the opportunity to deliver expanded service offerings. But there are other benefits:

– Improve customer onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer)
– End processes at entry point eliminating back office exception handling
– Reduce E2E (end-to-end) Processing Time
– Ensure information quality & compliance with automated capture and embedded compliance within your process
– Mitigate data breaches by segregating document types for adequate records management (encrypted data on device and destruction after success transfer)

Have you implemented a mobile capture strategy yet? What have been the main gains? Share with us!


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– If you have already implemented a mobile strategy, what have been the main gains? Share with us in the comments
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