Shared Services - the benefits of working together towards paper-free processes

«United we stand, divided we fall» is a common quote and an undeniable truth when we want to achieve something big that’s hard to reach or take lots of time if we try alone. When considering a paper-free environment the strength of the union is half way to achieving results. And if an organization values it as a cross-cutting issue, the shared services approach is a perfect fit because multiple areas take advantage of a service that is “owned” by a single one. The key here is the idea of “sharing” and “leveraging” synergies across the whole organization, resulting in lower costs and higher efficiencies.

Digital Mailroom Shared Services

Shared Services should have the mindset of a business that sees the rest of the organization as their customers. The operating model consists of three primary levels: People, Processes, and Technology. And that’s why a Digital Mailroom shared service is a perfect practical application.

A Digital Mailroom is where all incoming mail is scanned on entry, and delivered electronically to the appropriate department or process. It’s the basis to enable the access to the information you need when you need it. So it’s critical to have the right software, the right people, and the right methodology – all combined to deliver the greatest quality at the lowest cost. A shared service centre is indeed the best option for effective high-volume data treatment and management.

When you implement a Digital Mailroom as a shared service, you gain the opportunity to leverage economies of scale, improve efficiency, get higher expertise and share critical skill sets and resources. It represents all the difference in a corporate-wide vision of the document lifecycle management.

Advantages of Digital Mailroom Shared Services

From capturing a document all the way through the storing and content management, a Digital Mailroom shared service turns your business processes far more organized, streamlined and accurate while ensuring security and compliance, and considerably reducing costs. According to an AIIM study in partnership with Papersoft, the main advantages include:

  • Faster turnaround times to customers.
  • Fewer operational staff physically handling mail.
  • Data capture for downstream processes with better quality.
  • Immediate access for mobile/telework/outsource staff.
  • Demonstrable compliance tracking of mail received.
  • Reduced storage and processing space for mail.
  • Faster “post-box-to-inbox” times.
  • Environmental benefits – fuel, photocopies, etc.
  • Outsource of mail-handling operations.
Digital Mailroom Shared Service in the real world

This approach may be materialized by moving “production” and resources to a single room within your document plant or factory that serves the whole company (On-site / In-house processing centre) and may comprise:

  • Certified document management architects.
  • Cloud-based capture and document management software (an intelligent platform that learns from inputs and ensures data accuracy).
  • Operators to open, sort, scan and classify documents (physical).
  • Operators to import and classify documents via scan and/or e-mail with annexure and body capture, and/or Website drag & drop via Web Portal (digital).
  • Methodology, business processes, and rules.
  • Scanning “machinery” and digital imaging treatment utilities.
  • Data and images integration into your core systems and third-party solutions.
  • Report & Project Management –activities reporting, operational team contingency, Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).
  • Operations fully integrated into your document management and processing chain process. Management of the entire document process (end-to-end), including staff recruitment (outsourced resources).
Joining forces with the right service provider

When selecting your Digital Mailroom shared services partner, always ensure its commitment to deliverables (now and in the future), compliance concerning retention schedules and records management, security regarding DRP and BCP, and iceberg/hidden costs. Don’t forget that we are talking about critical business processes (such as invoice processing). It’s not a purely technological decision. People and processes must be added to the equation as we mentioned in the beginning.

For all of this, we believe that a Digital Mailroom shared service is an efficient and affordable way to accurately put the information into your core systems. United under a Digital Mailroom shared service centre, your company is able to get clear competitive advantages. As it includes all the stages of a paper-free journey, from data capture to records management and integration, your headaches about document management will definitely go away.

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