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Have you noticed that the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop users? This new mobile era is bringing possibilities that were not imaginable some years ago. Mobile Capture applications are one of them.

New forms of data capture (retrieval) and document processing from anywhere and anytime represent clear benefits to companies, both regarding back office (cost reduction and efficiency improvements) and front office (new sales channel and better user experience).

In fact, government organizations and industries such as retail, banking, healthcare, insurance and transportation are already taking advantage of integrating mobile into their processes to increase access to key services, accelerate data processing and streamline communication with customers and employees while becoming environmentally responsible.

All of us are more and more familiar with mobile, and this hugely leverages the success of solutions such as Mobile Capture.

10 reasons why you should be looking at Mobile Capture

Here are the top 10 benefits of Mobile Capture applications mentioned by who is already using them and the reasons why you should integrate them into your paper-free strategy:

Mobile Capture # 1: Speed of data availability
Capturing content on mobile and connecting it directly to the back-office processes gets the data into the system much faster than waiting for the field worker to get back to base – and it’s much, much faster than submitting paperwork to head office.

Mobile Capture # 2: keeping paper out of the process
Keeping paper out of the process reduces the possibility of losing information and helps to streamline the process. Imagine the amount of time that is wasted on sending papers from one department to another or from one city to another. Besides being a great way to reduce costs on printing, using Mobile Capture applications helps to reduce the environmental footprint that is done by a huge amount of paperwork.

Mobile Capture # 3: Improved Back Office efficiency
Data being sent directly to the system (automation) eliminates manual and error-prone tasks, optimizes resources and increases the efficiency of internal processes.

Mobile Capture # 4: Reduced logistics of forms and paper handling
Companies spend millions to carry out paper-based processes. Paper is heavy, easy to be damaged and difficult to be transported. With Mobile Capture it’s possible to fulfil e-forms, use secure e-signatures, attach photograph evidence (like the citizen card) and integrate data directly into the system. No need for long paper forms with lots of photocopies.

Mobile Capture # 5: Shorter end-to-end cycles times
Automating and mobilizing the capture process will speed up the whole process. Processes that take days/months to be performed can be reduced to a few hours or even minutes.

Mobile Capture # 6: Better data accuracy
A process that still relies on filling out paper forms is much slower and prone to errors, wrong fill or data loss. With Mobile Capture the data is automatically sent to the system reducing the possibility of human mistakes.

Mobile Capture # 7: Better engagement with customers
In the digital age we live in, customers expect answers in real time. An innovative and disruptive approach to mobile capture brings corporations closer to their customers, improves their satisfaction and experience, and introduces new sales and support channels.

Mobile Capture # 8: Fewer lost / incomplete forms
Imagine how valuable information is lost every day for documents lost. Using Mobile Capture the risk is reduced to virtually zero.

Mobile Capture # 9: Freeing up process flows / approval cycles
One of the biggest problems within companies is the bureaucracy and long time to approve certain projects and collect paper signatures. With Mobile Capture, your company can create and automate workflows from scratch and decrease the time spent on approval processes.

Mobile Capture # 10: Expanded service offerings
Your company will have a new range of opportunities to expand services in an innovative and differentiated way.

Easily increase the revenues and reduce the costs of your company by investing in Mobile Capture applications. These benefits were all mentioned by who already is using Mobile Capture (AIIM study), which proves its success, and still are only a small part of what you can get.


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