Day in the Life of an Agent, agency banking

In this article, we explain how mobile-enabled agency banking app improves liquidity and cash management, enables fast, secure customer onboarding, increases cross-sell opportunities and reduces business risk.

Problems Addressed with Agency Banking Solution:

  • Reduce risk and increase security during customer onboarding process
  •  Meet country compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Streamline registration process with back office
  • High availability even in areas of scarce connectivity
  • Accessible when working both online and offline

Opportunities for Financial Services Companies:

  • Improves liquidity and cash management by having better control in field
  • Increases customer acquisition by reducing time to register & onboard new clients
  • Surfaces real-time customer data to enable cross-selling opportunities for new products
  • Increases agent loyalty by providing faster processing time, leading to higher commissions

You are working within a financial services or telco company which provides banking services – including mobile money, branch banking, loans, insurance and other services – to customers across Africa. One of your important channels to market is through a network of agents selling your services.

What does a typical day look like for an agent in your network? If they are using Papersoft’s mobile-enabled agency banking app within their day-to-day work processes, a day in the life of a sales agent might look as follows:

A Day in the Life of a Digital Agent



Open for Business

The agent logs into Papersoft’s mobile capture app to open for daily business. He enters today’s cash balance into his agent dashboard, which sends a notification to his supervisor informing him about the opening cash balance.




Product Updates and Sales Promos

The app pings with a notification about a special offer for new customers, together with a link to a short “how to” sales video.



Training Complete

The agent watches the training video and then sends an “approve” notification to his supervisor. This informs the supervisor that the agent understands the information in the training video and doesn’t need an onsite visit for further training.



Customer Onboarding

The app scans a new client’s ID and receives approval from the bank within 90 seconds to process the new customer application. The sale is registered instantly in the agent’s sales dashboard, together with the estimated commission for the sale.



Smart Contracts, Forms and Workflows

Built-in contracts with e-signature, smart forms and workflows reduce new customer registration and onboarding time from an average of 2 days to 2 minutes. The fast registration time enables the agent to transact with customers while they are still inside the agent’s store.



Onboard Customers Everywhere 

It’s a busy Sunday market day, and the agent signs 10 contracts. Back at his kiosk, he connects and processes the applications. The app sends an SMS to each client with information about their new account, such as USSD codes, a link to the banking platform and contact information for customer service.



Liquidity Management

Sales today have been great! The app sends an automatic notice to the supervisor that his cash balance has exceeded the approved threshold: this automatically triggers in return a time for a pick-up to bring the excess cash to the branch.



To-Do Lists and Notifications

The agent receives a notification from his supervisor for signing and approving 25 new contracts new contracts since opening time today!



Commission Calculator 

Based on today’s sales and new customer registrations, the agent uses the app’s performance area to estimate his commissions for the day. The agent can drill down by unit or product type. He registers his final cash balance in the app and closes for business.



Close of Day

The bank’s back office registers the daily sales, verifies transactions, confirms commission payment and notifies the agent via the app’s sales dashboard. The supervisor sends the regional sales agent ranking for today: our agent is number one!



About Papersoft’s Agent Banking Solutions:

  • Identity Verification using biometrics and machine-readable technology
  • Secure and Compliant with real-time KYC checks, GPS and auditable processes
  • 100% App Availability with online and offline access for scarce connectivity areas
  • High Resolution OCR for text, images and barcodes
  • Smart Contracts, Forms and Workflows with PDF form creation and secure, in-app processes
  • Agent Network Management Tools for training, notification, commission control and field support


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Papersoft’s “Day in the Life” story is a compilation of numerous interviews with industry experts, including senior executives of digital financial services companies, senior supervisors of agent networks and the agents themselves.