Day in the Life of an Agent Manager, agent banking

If you are working within financial services or telco company which provides banking services to customers across Africa, one of your important channels to market is through a network of agents selling your services.

Problems Addressed with Agent Manager Solution:

  • Enable your agent channel to quickly, accurately and securely register and onboard new customers
  • Provide agents with a secure, auditable & easy-to-use mobile app to validate and register transactions
  • Manage activity across your agent channel through a central point
  • Receive real-time liquidity overviews, including cash under management and paid commissions
  • Recruit, educate, train and support your agent network
  • Reduce customer and agent churn

Opportunities for Financial Services Companies:

  • Improve liquidity and cash management through better control at field level
  • Increase number of new customers by reducing customer registration and onboarding time
  • Increase sales by leveraging customer data to multiply upsell and cross-sell opportunities for other products or services
  • Increase agent productivity and loyalty by quickly registering transactions so agents can receive commissions faster
  • Improve accuracy of sales forecasts through real-time sales data

You are managing an agent channel with a portfolio of services which may include mobile money, SIM cards, loans, and insurance. Your agents are located in a major African country and operate in large cities, small townships and remote villages. Your wide range of agent management responsibilities include recruitment, onboarding and training agents, liquidity management, managing agent commissions, preparing sales and activity reports and meeting your company’s sales quotas.

What is a typical day for you? If you are managing your agent network using Papersoft’s mobile-enabled agent manager solutions, a day in your life might look as follows:

A Day in the Life of an Agent Manager



Communicate Activity Targets

You log into Papersoft’s mobile app to check in with your team of agents. You notify them of their daily sales targets, inform your team about a special today-only sales incentive for the agent with the highest daily SIM card sales and send “to-do” lists to new agents.



Liquidity Management

You confirm with each agent how much cash on hand they have for today’s operations. One agent received a large deposit this morning, and you confirm via the app a pick-up time to bring it to the branch.



Recruitment Event

You are meeting with new potential agents today at a recruitment event. You share a demo of Papersoft’s agent banking app.




Smart Contracts, Forms and Workflows

You show recruits how built-in contracts with e-signature, smart forms and workflows reduce new customer registration and onboarding time from an average of 2 days to 2 minutes. The fast registration time enables the agent to transact with customers while they are still inside the agent’s store.



Agent Onboarding

You have a group of new agents who sign up to sell your products. The app onboards your agents by verifying each agent’s identity via fingerprint or by scanning their identity card. The app’s smart contract functionality generates a contract for each of your new agents, which they sign via e-signature.



Near Real-Time Approvals

Within minutes, you receive approvals via SMS which validate their identities and authorise you to sign them as agent representatives for your company. You generate their agent contracts directly from the Papersoft App.



Education & Training

At first log-in, your new agents receive a link in the app to training materials, including sales and product videos, so they can start selling straight away.




Commission Management

You settle your agents’ daily commissions and reconcile discrepancies in the app, sending notifications to each agent about individual performance, team ranking and daily commissions.




Dashboards & Reports

Because your app is the central point for all agent activity, you can generate real-time reports and custom management dashboards – with views by country, region, sub-region, team or individual views – using the most current data.



About Papersoft’s Agent Manager Solution:

  • Identity Verification using biometrics and machine-readable technology
  • Secure and Compliant with real-time KYC checks, GPS and auditable processes
  • High App Availability with online and offline access for scarce connectivity areas
  • High Resolution OCR for text, images and barcodes
  • Smart Contracts and Forms with PDF form creation and secure, in-app processes
  • Workflows, Dashboards and Reports leveraging real-time data to manage approvals, create reports and share dashboards
  • Agent Network Management Tools for notifications, commission control, liquidity management and field support
  • Agent Training Tools quickly identify training needs by analyzing agent errors when using the app


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Papersoft’s “Day in the Life” story is a compilation of numerous interviews with industry experts, including senior executives of digital financial services companies, senior supervisors of agent networks and the field sales agents themselves.