Report: Papersoft is among the key players with Agent Model solutions to boost Financial Inclusion

Papersoft is among the key players with Agent Model solutions to Boost Financial Inclusion


The Center for the Financial Inclusion at ACCION and the Institute of International Finance made a report on how technology innovation is becoming a drive to improve the quality of productivity of agent models.

In this report, Papersoft’s Agent Management Solution is referred to as an innovative way to onboard new Agents, helping financial institutions digitize their business processes with seamless Agent Onboarding and more.

Agency Banking is a model for delivering financial services where Financial Institutions, Financial Service Providers or Mobile Network Operators use partner-like agents to extend their services in remote areas – these are called Agent Networks.

This solution was built to overcome the difficulties in reaching the unbanked or underserved costumers, by bringing the service to them through a person they can trust.

The study tells us that despite the “growing volume of agents, the agent network model is rife with utilization and operational challenges.”

Adding that only 55 % of mobile money agents are active, a large number of Agents experience various difficulties – being the customer onboarding itself, gaining trust in the Agent or in the cash-flow they handle daily.

“The process of onboarding new agents can be an onerous one for banks, including processing mounds of paperwork, complying with central bank regulations, and identifying appropriate locations where agents can cater to the target market”,

This is where the Papersoft Platform for Agent Network Management comes in.

The Agent Management Solution provides an end-to-end platform to manage Agent Networks – from recruiting and training Field Agents to manage sales pipelines and Onboarding new costumers.

This report recognizes our hard work on Agency Banking Solutions and we are very happy to see how Papersoft’s Agent Management Solution is providing a new, and easier way to onboard new agents and clients!



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