Move to the next level. Extend your customer registration and onboarding capabilities with Papersoft Mobile Capture and evolve from standard content archiving and forms processing to real time decision-making capture.

Manage your information assets better

Fast, intelligent and innovative capture is essential to efficient information management. With Papersoft Mobile Capture you are able not only to reduce your key entry times and cost, but also to understand and react to multiple inputs validation and customer onboarding needs.

If you are looking to retain and disseminate your knowledge, if you are looking to serve your customers better, complying and managing risk in a non-costly and proficient way, then you should move to a solution that is far beyond just scanning and OCR.

Work better, save better and know your customers better with Papersoft … the new face of mobile capture.



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To Dos:
– Position the Data Capture system “right at the door”, defending registration processes and on boarding processes from paper, and ensuring the quickest and cleanest possible conversion to digital.
– Consider alternative product models such as Papersoft’s capture as a service to best serve your unique customer registration and onboarding business requirements.
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Paper at the gates: Driving digital revolution with modern capture