Mobile Field Inspection Webinar

What is the most unpleasant, yet critical, part of a field inspector daily routine? In any large-scale project, a significant number of workers is out on the field, performing routine inspections and checking the progress made. Such activities traditionally involve clipboards and handwritten notes without real-time access to information from other project areas. Converting manually collected data into digital format later on the process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. A mobile field inspection solution is everything you need.

Any field inspector will tell you that the paperwork handling associated with…

  • Filling out countless forms and checklists;
  • Scribbling notes;
  • Making sketches;
  • And tracking other important field inspection data that will be later converted into digital format…

… is arguably the most unpleasant part of the day.

You know that transcribing paper-based data into digital format is slow and tedious, error-prone, and frequently unsuitable for search and index. So, why do you keep doing it?

Even if you have started using technology… Are you doing it in the right way?

The lack of integrated technology continues to create non-interoperability pockets of inefficiencies. A bad user interface limits the experience and brings a lot of frustration to the process. And we still haven’t spoken about data encryption, confidentiality or adequate records management.

And what about working in “non-connected” environments?

Typically, in any large project, more than a half of the employees are out at the job site, having little or no connectivity to the back office. Technology is not entirely blamed for this. On the contrary, mobile penetration and smartphone or tablet usage is at its highest ever and solutions like Papersoft’s mobile capture that already have offline functionalities allow having business continuity, anywhere, anytime, preventing working gaps.

Not all document capture apps are equal!

What you need is a carefully crafted document management platform that’s natively mobile enabled, and allows your field inspectors to effortlessly capture, organize, integrate and send field data as simply as if they are using an “easy as pie” gaming app.

A far faster, simpler and integrated platform for mobile field inspection.

The field staff will be able to capture and share data from any location. The mobile client intuitively works offline where signals are weak or even don’t exist, and then synchronizes with the cloud once the signal is restored (SMS pre-record submission that allows having an alert of “being received” and some initial process information already added to the system). The platform also has full access to other information management capabilities so that mobile personnel can keep up-to-speed on reports and other project information on the go.

Information at… your fingertips.

A disruptive document management platform leverages mobile and cloud technologies seamlessly to deliver an all-in-one, just in time, digital field experience that facilitates communication between office and field workers. Users can input data by touch, bar/QR code reading, and voice. Field devices can also capture signatures (written and electronic) and attach the signature to relevant documents for system upload. A document management platform with an inspection automation software takes you closer to the field in the most productive way

Digitally transforming and automating field data

Non-digital and paper-based systems are:

  • Prone to transcription errors.
    • No one likes decrypting a contractor’s handwriting.
  • Slow to fill out.
    • And hard to read.
  • Nearly impossible to search and index.
    • Not useful when you can´t find it.
  • Tedious to re-enter into other systems.
    • And difficult to synchronize.

Features of a great mobile field inspection solution:

  • Standardized forms collection.
    • One of the most important features. Forms should be easily filled out, mainly with checkboxes and automated data reading (advanced data extraction) that minimize typing. Forms should be usable on smartphones and tablets.
  • Wireless data transmission.
    • Immediately transacts data to the office wirelessly. The system is also able to work in offline mode.
  • Integrates with other software
    • The app can be configured to integrate tightly with construction’s core systems.
  • GPS compatible
    • The app automatically records GPS location and associates it to the submission info.
  • Easily configured
    • The tailor-made app forms (recipes) are effortlessly configurable and adaptable to your way of work.


Papersoft’s approach

Papersoft document management platform includes a native application that supports Android and iOS mobile devices and works elegantly to capture daily progress, manage item postings, capture pictures, and track GPS coordinates to geo-locate the inspection data. No connectivity? No problem. The mobile capture application supports remote working conditions, working in an online-offline model. And no need to type your comments… the app captures voice dictation and translates it to text notes allowing you to speed up the form completion. Even better, every record submission (photo and metadata) is geo-tagged and uploaded to the system. Any app can capture a photo and upload it, but only Papersoft mobile capture can integrate the image directly into your core system, providing a valuable context of geo coordinates and a time stamp.

To Dos:
– Think about your field inspection process, the time it consumes and the inefficiencies it brings.
Ask us for a demo of our mobile field inspection solution.
– If you are already efficiently managing field inspections, what have been the main best practices? Share with us in the comments.
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