Mobile capture platform

Let’s start with the very beginning. A Mobile Capture platform is a paperless solution that allows to register and authenticate users, capture and collect any data and securely send and integrate it with existing systems through mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. The value is unquestionable: takes the business to the client, guarantees compliance, creates new sales opportunities, accelerates the registration process, improves customer engagement and satisfaction, and eliminates paper for good.

But what’s behind that small screen? How is this all made? Well, simple.  You have a mobile device, you have a Mobile Capture app with easy-to-use form wizards (recipes), and you have a back-office system. After extracting user’s data and collecting documents, everything is validated, a document is generated and sent to the back-office system (ERP, CRM, ECM or other) to start the workflow with a confirmation email or an OK message sent to the user.

Is a Mobile Capture platform equal for all businesses? There are specific forms to fill and business rules to follow, but it can be adapted to a diversity of industries like retail (returns / refunds / shopping), public administration (maternity leaves, responsibility terms), telecommunications (SIM card registration, support team occurrences), banking (account opening, debit/credit card registration), and insurance (accidents/claims registration).  Whatever the business is, Mobile Capture provides companies a single platform for tackling the challenge of managing paper and data received by different departments, as well as branch, regional, and field offices, anywhere around the world. And it’s not only for big companies because it can be quickly implemented and easily scaled to meet new demands in the future.

Eliminate paper from processes and mobilize your business while assuring compliance

As companies redefine business needs, with the understanding that paper processing remains an unsolved challenge, many are already looking to Mobile Capture to fully extend and automate their document capture processes. Simple to produce “recipes” (widgets) guarantees flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness, without changing core platforms and services. The result? Faster and more dynamic responsiveness to ever-changing needs.

A Mobile Capture platform also helps to ensure compliance in many ways. Not only by applying agile strict rules and policies to the registration process, but also by bringing mobility and security to the business. Besides, companies will be able to keep better track of their subscribers (for evidence purposes and compliance e.g.) and have more reliable information about customer profile. In-app reporting tools also optimize organizations’ mobile commerce strategy by providing valuable inputs to segment databases and set the right offer to the right person.

Customer on-boarding and internal data management processes have a huge and immediate improvement after the implementation of a Mobile Capture platform. Manual and error-prone forms, requesting time-consuming back-office support are no longer needed, once everything is automated. Only accurate information is submitted, and mistakes are previously identified (push notifications and alerts when data is missing or is incorrect).

In fact, a Mobile Capture platform can accelerate product or service subscription from 60 days to 5 minutes. Can you believe that? Can you imagine what it represents for the business? Absolutely, if you have already tried.


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