Mobile Capture for telecoms

Mobile and cloud were already chosen by both customers and employees as the new platform. It’s now up to the business to do the same and ensure a great user experience and high-quality first impression (real-time, easy, secure). Among others, Mobile Capture is a perfect fit for 3 key market segments: Telecoms, Banking and Retail. Today we focus on Mobile Capture for Telecoms.

Although electronic forms and files have started to replace paper, paper documents, and paper-based processes still play a critical role and create enormous obstacles to getting information to the right people and systems in an efficient and timely way. Mobile Capture solutions are specifically designed to address these issues. They can scan documents (image capture), identify all the necessary information (advanced data extraction tools), and deliver the certified/compliant data to back-end systems where information is securely stored and processed. The digital format retains all the business-critical information while eliminating the inefficiencies and redundancies of the hard paper.

Mobile Capture as a perfect fit for Telecoms – sell anytime, anywhere while ensuring compliance

To stay on top and become more agile, world-leading Telecom providers need sophisticated and mobile document management solutions. But they also need solutions that are easy to implement and, especially, easy to use. They need more than the standard stand-alone solutions, which tend to lead to islands of information and deep integration efforts. They need solutions that can be easily connected to third party systems and remotely managed without the constraints of the typical on-premise and legacy solutions.

Mobile Capture and document lifecycle management solutions are the intelligent answer and, more important, the reliable way to accelerate, extend and automate document capture and the subsequent workflow process. Just considering the registration/onboarding process, check out the huge difference between the traditional and the mobile process:

Traditional / Paper-based Approach

Traditional / Paper-based Approach

Traditional registration processes are increasingly challenging for Telecoms in terms of time, costs and efficiency. In most situations, after acquiring a new equipment, subscribers register their SIM card by filling up a form. This form is then carried to the processing center where a team manually extracts the information and manually inputs it into the company system. This leads to high processing time, lack of customer data protection, noncompliance issues, huge costs, and low accuracy.


Mobile Approach

Mobile Approach

A Mobile Capture app helps in many ways by applying strict registration rules and payment policies. Using a mobile device, connected with a Mobile Capture app, the Vendor is able to register customer’s info/documents and immediately send it to the EDM system for extraction, validation, and integration into the company’s core systems.


The benefits are clear: reduced processing costs, faster processing time, enhanced accuracy, improved customer knowledge base, increased compliance and reduced business risk.


Mobile Capture is also extremely useful in several other industries

Mobile Capture can be applied to many other industries, such as Banking for credit or debit card registration and Retail for refunds validation. The process is similar: document creation/capture, document upload/import, data extraction, validation and business rules, and finally systems integration and document archive. We will talk about them in future posts.


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