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In a report by Mckinsey on the future of payments in Africa, it was estimated that between 2020 and 2025, the e-payments market in Africa will grow by around 150% to reach almost $40 billion in revenue from domestic payment alone, with the fastest growth in Nigeria at 35% per year. Other countries that will see strong growth above 20 percent per year include Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda.

Even though the continent is still predominantly a cash-based economy, the influx of mobile money has significantly boosted the growth of real-time payments.

However, offline markets still suffer as they lack full access to financial services and sufficient infrastructure. How are you as a company currently addressing the untapped potential of the offline population and subsequently expanding your reach?

Agent Networks act as a critical interface between customers and digital financial services providers. Therefore, due to the continuing cash dominance in Africa, financial institutions must prioritize and leverage the existing infrastructure that offline channels, especially agent networks provide to adequately capture African e-payments to increase reach and maximize profit.

Now, companies like yours that offer financial services can target a larger audience segment, using offline channels to expand distribution and gain a competitive advantage.

How are you currently addressing the untapped potential of the offline population and subsequently expanding your reach?

Papersoft helps companies like yours deliver services through the Alternative distribution channel or field workforce. We provide you with the tools to scale your agent network into an agent-as-a-service platform.

This allows you to integrate your services and products and leverage partnerships to accelerate effective distribution, generate new revenue streams, and obtain more insights about customer behavior.

This is how we turn your agents into a platform:

  • Digitize your value chain including staff, support, marketing promotions, and agent channels using profiles within the same platform.
  • Add new revenue streams with marketplace mini-apps.
  • Reach new customers in the last-mile environment.
  • Work seamlessly offline without infrastructure hick-ups.
  • Deploy your agent network in previous areas where it was not viable.

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With Papersoft’s Last-mile Banking software solution, you can take advantage of your network while eliminating failed transactions and expanding your product line to areas where others don’t operate.