How to turn your agent network 100% digital?

In developing countries, companies use agent’s networks as an alternative delivery channel to reach underserved customers. The issues behind these large field teams are their daily management and the paper-based processes.  The most efficient and profitable agent networks must take into consideration these four critical foundations working seamlessly: agent onboarding, agent training, agent liquidity and agent monitoring.

Today, we will talk about agent onboarding, its current state and how you can move from a paper-based process to a 100% digital process that fully addresses all current constraints.

The question is how to achieve this? Let’s start by assessing your current agent onboarding process: how do you capture and distribute agent information regarding each step of its journey? Is it a paper-based experience, a mix of paper and tech or simply 100% tech/digital?


Look at the following table and think how the different information is managed in your organization:

How to turn your agent network 100% digital?

Do you relate with this? Usually, in a 100% paper-based or a mix between paper and technology, you often find yourself in a paper chaos process: agents have to provide paper copies of all the necessary documentation, forms and IDs and there are a lot of constraints regarding this – paper is easy to get lost, damaged or even have an unreadable handwriting.

Since agents can be anywhere on the field, they have to carry all the paperwork with them wherever they need to go. In addition, it takes time to fill in forms, carry them and then submit data into back-office systems, which can be willing to human errors.

Besides all this, we cannot forget about compliance. Dealing manually with paperwork puts the data protection and security at risk once the regulatory requirements could not be guaranteed.

Also, in a paper-based process, it takes a lot of time to verify and analyze all the business requirements needs as well as agent outlet conditions, their literacy level and all the critical success factors.

Going 100% digital grants you a total compliant process through its all phases.


Papersoft Mobile Capture – the solution ahead!

Going 100% digital guarantees that you can capture and distribute all of the agent’s data using mobile tools making the onboarding process much easier and faster. With this, it is possible to solve document duplication issues, ineligible writing and poor photocopy quality.

How nice would it be to monitor your agent selection stages from agent recruitment to agent onboarding? Papersoft Mobile Capture platform allows managing a sustainable agent network, upgrading the agent onboarding processes and quality of new agents with greater data insights about the entire operation. It provides a seamless experience when recruiting and onboarding new agents by digitizing the selection process. You can capture agent outlet info and ID, generate contracts, automate agent onboarding and guarantee full compliance.

Features like real-time liquidity overviews, a training module and a dashboard where you can monitor key metrics on overall network performance ensures that your tech-driven and trained agent network are ready to onboard your new customers and provide them with a smoother experience where they can understand operations, get product assistance and receive help with their first transactions.

How to turn your agent network 100% digital?

In short…

Onboarding quality agents in locations where there is a high customer demand for services is the key focus. Providers that take this in consideration will not only ensure long-term happy customers but also make agents profitable and well remunerated meeting their success margins. However, the agent onboarding requires careful planning using strong KPI’s that target the right agents.

Technology is crucial for a successful agent network management. Choosing the right tools will allow you to set-up your network, help providers to scale or support a high-maturity channel with thousands of agents to manage and thousands of daily operations. Remember, you have to have in hands a technology that grants you a holistic vision of the four critical foundations: agent onboarding, agent training, agent liquidity and agent monitoring.

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