GDPR: Six months to compliance and opportunity

Nowadays, companies are dealing with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) challenges like cybersecurity, data protection (collection, processing and storage) and trying respond effectively to the new challenges.

Our CEO Daniel Alves, in an exclusive interview to the Portuguese magazine “Vida Económica” mentioned that for the 2018 it is expected “a sustained increase of these themes’ s relevance, mainly in a first phase, as a reaction to the GDPR implementation. However, we are certain that what has emerged as a compliance requirement will be recognized by the industry as an opportunity to leverage new products and services in the ecosystem based on better, more secure KYC (Know Your Customer) and a more robust Digital Identity. And that’s all due to the new data protection policy – GDPR”.

Since our foundation, we have promoted several changes at a human, procedural and technological level seeking to make Papersoft a market reference in the services providers field and value-added solutions.