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Today, we’re delving into a critical challenge that has long plagued banking agents: inadequate tech infrastructure and the dreaded connectivity issues.

Imagine this scenario: Banking agents, driven by ambition and a mission to bring financial services to the remotest corners of their communities, possess enormous potential to transform lives. However, they often find themselves entangled in a web of poor network connectivity, frequent power outages, and a lack of robust network infrastructure.

These obstacles severely hinder their ability to conduct transactions smoothly, undermining their potential and causing immense frustration in their efforts.

Did you know that 30% of failed transactions are due to connectivity issues?

Source: Economist Insight

We comprehend the challenges and hindrances posed by limited tech infrastructure, which is why we’ve created a groundbreaking solution empowering agents to serve their communities seamlessly, even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

This is precisely why we’re thrilled to introduce the latest update of our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit and how it addresses a paramount issue confronted by agency banking agents: the struggle with poor network connectivity.

Unlock Offline Banking for Smartphones: Accessible Anywhere, Anytime!

Our dedicated team has diligently integrated USSD string transactions seamlessly into our platform. We’ve developed a robust, independent offline processing module that effortlessly operates in the background, expertly managing the heavy lifting for agents. With this groundbreaking and innovative feature, agency banking agents can now efficiently operate offline, serving their communities without being dependent on their internet connection status.

How Does Our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit Work?

In areas with limited or no internet connectivity, our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit operates seamlessly by automatically processing USSD transactions in the background of your smartphone.

This ground-breaking innovation empowers both rural and urban agents to consistently deliver essential financial services to their communities, maintaining customer trust even in offline environments.

We’ve introduced a configuration set within the no-code web app interface to enable offline transactions. Web administrators can effortlessly create new actions using the app builder, enabling triggers on swipes or submissions in the background for optimal usability.

Moreover, our testing mode offers the ability to simulate transactions without incurring any costs, ensuring a risk-free experience for users.

How Secure is Our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit?

When it comes to security, our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit ensures that your transactions are handled with the utmost care and protection.

If a USSD transaction requires a PIN, our mobile app prompts agents to securely enter their PIN, mirroring the process on a feature phone. This extra layer of security ensures that only authorized users can initiate transactions.

After user authentication, our app seamlessly processes the USSD string, safeguarding the transaction from start to finish.

Importantly, our device and app are designed with security in mind. They neither share nor store PIN information, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

Empowering Agents, Delivering Results with Our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit

We are thrilled to witness the profound positive impact that our transformative solution is having on our agents and the communities they serve. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on how our Last-Mile Banking Toolkit is breaking through the limitations of connectivity and shaping the future of agency banking.

Join us in ushering in a new era of financial access for all.

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