Winning the paper wars

On July 10th, Papersoft in collaboration with IDC held the event “Winning the paper Wars” with the purpose of discussing the most recent approaches on advanced document management processes, namely paperless or paperfree processes in organizations through the use of mobile capture, document transformation and process automation solutions. Supported by the case study developed by AIIM, Papersoft wanted to describe the benefits and challenges presented of adopting these solutions in an information chaos era.

Timóteo Figueiró opened the panel by analyzing the most significant trends concerning document management solutions in Portugal. With this purpose, he presented the IDC MaturityScape model which allows national organizations to evaluate their Document Management maturity stage, so they can define short and middle term goals, investment plans and resource allocation.

The next intervention was performed by Atle Skjekkeland from AIIM. The keynote speaker presented AIIM’s internationally acclaimed case study “Winning the Paper Wars” which focuses on information chaos, document and process transformation and automation, with major benefits, challenges and trends in these areas.

He was then followed by Hugo Pacheco, Papersoft Head of Pre-Sales & Solution who brought to the panel The Papersoft Approach – Services and solutions.

Right after a brief break, Papersoft CEO, Daniel Alves, introduced to the market our new brand, Papersoft, which replaced our previous brand, Arquivagest. In his presentation, Daniel presented the new strategy, and the natural brand evolution that was done to ensure that the brand is aligned with the company’s new business strategy, positioning and value proposition.

The event was completed by a discussion panel involving four client speakers. Hermínia Fernandes representing Vodacom Mz, Miguel Nogueira from NUCASE, Moisés Pérez Chávez from The Phone House (Spain Market) and Nadeem Ajaz from Morrisons PLC gave their insight on Papersoft’s services and solutions, and the role they played by helping their businesses within multiple document and business processes, as well as the challenges faced in their projects and the road ahead.

The two days that followed the event were reserved to AIIM’s Enterprise Content Management Practitioner Course, held by Atle Skjekkeland.  Attending the course were Papersoft Management, Commercial, Operational and Financial teams, as well as the clients that were present at the event. Atle brought a very insightful perspective about the state of the art of content management within corporations as well as some best practices.

Click here to download the presentations from all the speakers.