Papersoft will have a booth in the exhibition area of SSOW – Shared Services and Outsourcing Week – that takes place in Manchester, UK, on May 15-18, and expects more than 600 attendees. This year’s edition of the largest and most reputable Shared Services & Outsourcing event in Europe is focused on “Redefining Business Services for the Smart and Automated Business Environment”. The main goal is to share new ideas, trends and technologies that will transform the shared services centre while keeping an eye on the fundamentals that have built Shared Services into the multi-billion-dollar industry it is today.

Shared Services and Outsourcing Week showcases some of the most cutting-edge technology and service providers in the SSO community, and that’s the case of Papersoft. During the event, besides being present in the interactive exhibition room, Papersoft promotes one-to-one sessions to give participants expert and personalized advice on the exact problems they are facing. If you want to schedule a meeting, we’ll be glad to receive you at SSOW and share how we are helping companies in the UK  and across Europe to be more effective and competitive on their Digital Transformation journey. We already have Shared Services with British leading companies like 2 Sisters Food Group, Morrisons and Carillion, among others. Please send us an email to and let’s have a chat at SSOW.


Shared Services and Outsourcing are a key approach at Papersoft. Our operating model consists of three primary levels: People, Processes, and Technology. And that’s why Papersoft’s Digital Mailroom Shared Service is a perfect practical application. A Digital Mailroom is where all incoming mail is scanned on entry, and delivered electronically to the appropriate department or process. It’s the basis to enable the access to the information you need when you need it. So it’s critical to have the right software, the right people, and the right methodology – all combined to deliver the greatest quality at the lowest cost. A shared service centre is indeed the best option for effective high-volume data treatment and management. When you implement a Digital Mailroom as a shared service, you gain the opportunity to leverage economies of scale, improve efficiency, get higher expertise and share critical skill sets and resources. It represents all the difference in a corporate-wide vision of the document lifecycle management.


Visit us at SSOW and let’s discuss how our approach meets your specific needs. See you there!