NABS - New Age Banking Summit 2018

Staying relevant in the changing financial landscape and being among the top 20 economies are Nigeria’s main goals. In fact, Nigeria’s digital banking ecosystem is expected to transform the country into Africa’s fintech hub.September 26th-27th will lead us to the New Age Banking Summit that promises to highlight banking technologies that help to drive financial inclusion and digital banking in Nigeria.

Together with our technological partner Integrated Biometrics, we will be presenting a joint offer designed to promote financial inclusion by leveraging biometric identification (the simplest way to identify individuals based on physical traits such as fingerprint, facial scan, iris, hand geometry) in Africa. According to the World Bank, nearly 1.1 billion people live without basic proof of identity, which is a critical barrier to access financial services.

So, how can this be solved?

Integrated Biometrics works with patented technologies to create unique benefits and provide solutions that overcome the limitations of other biometric technologies. They provide innovative verification fingerprint sensors to hardware integrators, software and database providers, and contractors ensuring the best performance in speed, size, weight, ease of use, and durability for affordable high-performance mobile solutions.

Our partnership with Integrated Biometrics will allow banks to identify and enroll individuals using biometric capture and authentication when agents activate new bank accounts in real-time. This helps to build a sustainable and data-driven agent network that utilizes Papersoft Digital and Mobile technology in their devices, closing the last mile gap between the bank and the population. Bringing local banking access to customers and enabling deeper financial inclusion has never been easier with a fully compliant KYC solution, anytime and anywhere.

Great arguments to come visit us on stand 11, right?!