Following its investment and growth in the Mozambican market, namely in the mobile and digital area, Papersoft was a speaker, sponsor and exhibitor at IDC CIO Summit Mozambique that took place in Maputo on March 31.

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Papersoft presentation at IDC CIO Summit Mozambique    Vodacom presentation at IDC CIO Summit Mozambique

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are critical for Mozambique’s evolution and economic sustainability. In addition to business processes automation, ICT ensures a wide social, cultural and economic participation of Mozambique’s population. With this conference, IDC aimed to highlight that information technology, from infrastructure to business applications and analytics, if used correctly, can exponentially enhance the competitiveness of Mozambican organizations.

With an office in Maputo since 2011 and several successful projects in industries like telecommunications, retail, banking, insurance and public administration, Papersoft shared how its mobile and digital approach has been helping Mozambican organizations to redefine their business model, increase sales and revenues, reduce costs and optimize processes, while assuring compliance with local regulations.

Entitled “Mobility and Digital Transformation – a new way of doing business and celebrating paper-free experiences”, here is an overview of our presentation at IDC CIO Summit Mozambique:

Digital is a tsunami of change. It’s a perfect wave of transformation that completely changes our processes and our way of working, and is based on mobility and the other pillars of the 3rd platform (cloud, big data/analytics, and social business). This change is a far-reaching overhaul of the previous paradigm and should be used to review old concepts that we took for granted until now: from the way we structure our businesses, our products and processes, to the way we interact with our customers, develop our sales channels and define our business model. We must not content ourselves with ‘Business as Usual’ when we have at our disposal tools that allow us to make a significant technological leap and transform our company into a company 3.0. How we can take advantage of these tools to transform the business model, making it more agile, efficient and profitable is the purpose of Papersoft’s presentation.

According to our CEO, Daniel Alves, “Learning how to understand how technology evolves, using disruptive tools like the ones provided by Papersoft, is what you need more than anything to ride on top of the tsunami instead of being crushed by it.”

Download our presentation, download Vodacom presentation (success story based on Papersoft Know-Your-Customer solution) and check some photos (many more here):