Xamarin experience - papersoft mobile capture

Papersoft participated as a guest-speaker at ‘Xamarin Experience – Getting more from your mobile apps’, a live seminar organized by our partner Xpand IT. The Xamarin Experience 2016 aims to help companies mobilize their business, exploring the main mobile trends in the Xamarin Ecosystem to maximize mobile apps performance.

The event was held at Microsoft Lisbon Experience, March 18th between 08:45 and 13:00. Hugo Pacheco, Pre-Sales & Solution @Papersoft, shared a presentation (download the pdf and watch the videobased on Papersoft Mobile Capture: “Papersoft Platform manages and supports our Mobile Capture app built with Xamarin tools, allowing us to leverage mobile device’s capture capabilities (such as camera, image processing, encryption algorithms, GPS, SMS management, etc…) with a proper business context (metadata classification, e-signatures, etc.). It is also critical to manage users offline (with token security) and online (with low radio frequency communications access – 2G), enabling load balancing batch transactions. Event logging in Xamarin Insights is also a key part of the remote support.”

The second edition of the Xamarin Experience introduced some of the best solutions to create Windows, Android and iOS native apps using Xamarin as a reference technology and covered topics such as:

  • Strategic Impact of Mobility on Organizations
  • UX / UI & Design Thinking
  • Native Windows, iOS and Android apps with Xamarin Platform
  • Quality Assurance with Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Monitoring with Xamarin Insights
  • Cloud-based services for development optimization
  • Mobile Success Cases with Xamarin

Download and/or watch Papersoft Presentation at Xamarin Experience 2016
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