Digitalization – The Digital Way to Accelerate Business Processes

Digitalization – The Digital Way to Accelerate Business Processes

Digital transformation has been a journey for organizations over the past several years on changing their paper-based scope, once it requires more than just digitizing back-end processes. We all know that information is the most powerful asset but its exponential growth is creating a demand for new management practices that extend beyond traditional.

The problem is that many companies still have to do the basic work of process automation, putting them at a severe disadvantage in their efforts to embrace the so-called digital transformation.

See the graphic below where 67% of the respondents report having less than half of their processes automated and only 3% are showing they have reached the 90% plus level:

Graphic 1 - AIIM "Digitalizing Core Business" report

Graphic 1 – AIIM “Digitalizing Core Business” report

Therefore, it is necessary to sustainably rethink and reinvent organizational activities, competencies and models. This involves having better tools that integrate people, processes, information, and technology in order to achieve greater operational efficiency, improved productivity, regulatory and legal compliance and agility to change. In fact, knowing the best skills to manage information is crucial to understand, anticipate, redefine and enhance internal/external customer’s experiences.

Digitalization is the word of the moment and it goes beyond digitizing the steps in a workflow: it is all about redesigning the business as a digital business, not just improving what you currently have. With Papersoft’s Digital Mailroom solution, you can get a single point of entry for all incoming documents (digital or paper), allowing companies to automate and standardize content distribution with smart business processes (scanning, classification, workflows), reduce operating costs and expensive time-consuming tasks, and increase efficiency while guaranteeing top compliance.

The solution allows you to:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Minimize physical handling
  • Compliance from the entry point
  • Improve business productivity
  • Improved data accessibility


With a single platform, you can automate and get a holistic view of your processes, with the right team by your side to help you overcome all the digital transformation challenges.


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Aiim Report - "Digitalizing" Core Business Processes