8 signs you should move to a paper-free office

Is it time for your company to finally join in the paper-free revolution? If you still didn’t start your process-transformation journey, you are most probably being lagged behind. Keep on reading to know more about the different signs that you should be doing so now and move to a paper-free office!

1. File cabinets are taking too much space in the office. If your office seems like a storage space of file cabinets, this means that you have been keeping too many papers, even those that are unnecessary. Time to get rid of them and be paperless.

2. Field sales force takes too much time in the office. You are losing huge amounts of money if your field sales force has to pass half of their time in the office with administrative and manual tasks related to their job (new client registration, onboarding process, documentation handling…). They have to be able to do it remotely, directly from their mobile devices, and they must be able to sale and onboard new clients anywhere, anytime.

3. You have been receiving a lot of customer complaints. In an office where paper still reigns supreme, service tends to be slow. This is against a paperless environment where information is collected, stored and processed almost in real-time (process and workflow automation and optimization).

4. Office tables are being smaller. No, they are not actually getting smaller. The problem is that there are just a lot of documents piled on the top making it look cluttered and smaller. In a paperless office, this should never be the case.

5. Your competitors are already doing it. If you have heard about your competitors going paper-free this is another obvious indication that you should be paperless as well, or else, you will be left behind by the competition.

6. Your bins are full of paper. In a paperless office, you will be able to minimise the amount of papers that are being thrown, which is also an indication of being friendly to the environment because of having lesser rubbish. If you take a look at the office expenses and see that a big portion of your budget goes to paper, it’s really time to go paperless and invest in a system that can reap long-term benefits.

7. Your office lacks technological adoption. We are living in an era that is predominantly defined by technology. If you feel like your office has been lagged behind, it might be because you still have not shifted into a paper-free environment where electronic technology will take the place of paper.

8. Lack of control and traceability. With so much paper, documents and files, you don’t know where is the critical information you need… when you need it! You spend more time looking for it than doing the task. This is absolute nonsense.

Are you familiar with more than 3 of these signs? It’s definitely time to start your process-transformation journey towards a paperless and legally compliant digital workplace.

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