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Managing visitors is a critical access control process traditionally handled through paper sign-in sheets or guest books. A real headache to legal, security, and front desk departments. And, of course, to visitors! A digital visitor onboarding solution brings not only more efficiency and security but also a high-quality first impression/experience.


What is visitor onboarding?

Visitor onboarding is the business process that you accomplish when someone enters your organization boundaries and needs to be properly registered. It represents one of the controls defined by ISO 27001:2013. To ensure this “intrusive process” is not dangerous, you need to implement a solution capable of protecting your company and giving the best results according to ISO 27001 Standards and Data Protection Regulations.

It all starts with the collection of personal data. In the traditional process, you give your driver license, passport or identity card to the security guard/receptionist. Next, he writes the information, keeps your document during the visit, or, an even worse scenario, makes a copy of it. Then he gives you a badge, calls your host and you wait for him. In the end, you collect your card and return the badge. It’s an error-prone, time-consuming and insecure process.


So, why changing to a mobile/paperless visitor onboarding solution?
  1. Less intrusive – guests don’t have to leave their personal documents with the security guard/receptionist (a stranger for them). He registers the pre-defined necessary info into the app, takes a photo, shows a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be directly signed in the app and that’s it! Info may include visitor’s name, company and function, host’s name, and visit’s purpose. All of this can even be done in a self-service approach by the visitor himself (for instance with a tablet on the reception).
  1. Better visitor experience and workflow efficiency – the host receives a notification saying that the visitor has arrived, and he can either go straight to the entrance or to the settled area (meeting room, reception, or other). This notification includes a photo, making it easier to identify guests and making them feel welcome.
  1. Audit trail control – you’ll always know exactly who’s in the building, where, with whom, and doing what, from the entry point until the visitor leaves the building. This is excellent for information security departments and audit teams. The audit process is much more simple using reports with all the data that proves security and compliance.
  1. Information securityUK Data Protection Commissioner makes important recommendations related to physical security. It is relevant if you are concerned with Security Perimeters or Sensitive Areas Restrictions. Companies cannot only pay attention to physical access from their employees. It is necessary to monitor external access from suppliers, clients, visitors and anybody outside the company. With a digital visitor onboarding solution, visitor signs an NDA for sensible information in the first contact with the company. This can be used as a defensible disposition as well as an internal control. It’s the first step to protecting your information assets. Regarding this issue, ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office – the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights) talks about physical security and the things that you must be concerned in your system: “Technical security measures to protect computerized information are of obvious importance. (…).” But sometimes companies completely forget about another relevant point. “Physical security includes things like (…) how you control access to premises, supervise visitors, dispose of paper waste (…)”.
  1. Data protection – the same business rules that you have for employees and clients are automatically applied to all visitors regarding the collection of personal data. According to the new EU Data Protection Regulation, in any given time the visitor can request access to his information for consulting or destruction purposes. With records organized by date (e.g.,), it will be simpler and faster. And performing mandatory tasks such as compliance with retention periods, secure storage and data destruction will be far more agile.
  1. Easy set-up, user-friendly, transparent integration with existing systems, affordable and scalable (cloud-based, pay-as-you-go, no infrastructure needed).
A digital visitor onboarding solution is a perfect-fit for what kind of companies and how to start?

A visitor onboarding solution is a perfect fit for all B2B companies that want to deliver a safer, faster and smarter service to their visitors!

You just need to provide the type of data (required fields, automatic photo capture, watch list) and add a layer of document management for NDAs and notifications. The business process is designed on the platform and available on the web (desktop) or on the Google/Apple store (mobile). In a few days (not weeks or months) you can start digitally sign-in visitors.

What is the most critical factor you should be aware before implementing a visitor onboarding solution? INFORMATION SECURITY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION! It’s not only employees and customers that need to be covered but all the people who have a relationship with your company. And if you ensure it from the entry point, it will make all the difference.


Some use cases

Imagine a DHL courier picking confidential documentation from your company. The solution registers him and the documents that he will take, and he signs an NDA.

Imagine a potential client who wants to see your solution in action. For compliance with your ISO 27001 certification, you must have an auto of each visitor. So, he signs an NDA as he agrees with your internal conditions, like being filmed or being prohibited from taking pictures.

Imagine a potential partner who arrives at your company to discuss the partnership terms. He needs to sign an NDA guaranteeing that he will not disclosure the confidential information that he will have access.

And that’s it. When you replace your sign-in paper book with a web/mobile application, visitor’s information is easily and rapidly collected. You can focus on giving the guest a great experience while ensuring security and compliance.

– Think about your visitor onboarding process, the time it consumes and the inefficiencies it brings.
Ask us for a demo of our digital visitor onboarding solution: We’ve automated everything, from photo taking to badge printing, track control, notifications, data protection, interoperability connectors and legal agreement storage.
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