5 things to consider when evaluating enterprise mobile capture solutions

We know it’s not easy to choose the right enterprise mobile capture solution for your company. With so many options available (each one claiming to be the best), how do you decide? If you’re evaluating enterprise mobile capture solutions to improve your customer onboarding process and extend your business reach (selling anytime, anywhere), here are 5 key things to keep in mind.

1. Ensure the mobile capture solution can be tailored to your organization’s size and scope and easily scaled whenever needed

Do you need an enterprise-wide system that can be used by thousands of employees distributed worldwide or a solution for a few 10-person branches? Be sure to choose a product that is able to meet your specific needs and grows with you.

2. Learn about the mobile capture solution’ security and compliance options

These days you can never be too careful when it comes to securing your information and your client’s personal data. If you work in an industry that is subject to regulations and strict controls, finding a solution that complies with them is absolutely crucial. Otherwise, you can receive high fines and penalties, or even be excluded from the market. That’s why the mobile capture solution must be able to classify information right on the entry point (personal/corporate/public data, e-signatures, GPS coordinates), and must have embedded compliance with business rules and alerts guaranteeing accurate transactions only. We are not talking about a solution that simply takes photos and sends them to a central system. We are talking about a solution that totally replaces paper, supports complex business rules, and leverages your processes and business anytime, anywhere.

When selecting a mobile capture solution, always question the compliance in terms of retention schedules and records management, the security in terms of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, the commitment with accurate deliverables, and the iceberg/hidden costs.

3. Make sure that the mobile capture solution will significantly improve your business performance

Mobile capture is an investment that should save your organization time and money (with process efficiencies) and, more than that, should give you an extra way of doing business (registering/onboarding new clients anytime, anywhere, and cross/up-selling opportunities). The solution must provide fast and measurable results that prove you have made a wise investment.

It’s also important to know if the mobile capture solution you’re analyzing will really boost your team’s productivity, and fully extend and automate your capture processes and records management. The best mobile capture solutions enable organizations to optimize their capture process connecting multiple systems, remote platforms, and devices and eliminating paper for good – from start to finish.

4. Ask about online/offline processing and offline SMS receipts

Your teams must be able to work remotely with or without connectivity! And it’s also important that you can configure short message services for offline processing in order to send receipts/notifications after the processes completion (notifying if there is something missing, possible frauds, payment with success, etc).

5. Confirm that the mobile capture solution can be transparently integrated with your existing systems and strategy

Mobile capture is never a standalone solution. Its purpose is to be a centerpiece in your document management strategy. Therefore, you need a solution that plays well with others (Legacy Systems, ERPs, CRMs, ECMs, and others) and covers a 360º approach, as you can see in the example below:

evaluating mobile capture solutions - overview

Regarding the main features of a mobile capture solution, here is an overview that we suggest you look for:

Easy-to-use pre-defined processes

  • Ready-to-use wizard processes – out-of-the-box predefined transition processes with ECM interoperability configured based on user profile
  • Index and auto-populate metadata – user indexing or metadata extraction from barcodes or QR codes or other libraries with structured information. GPS location capture
  • Capture & Classify Images – high-quality photo collection of multiple documents such as evidence or ID’s size documents such as passports, credit cards, receipts, and others
  • E-signatures – sign documents with privacy disclaimers using a mobile pad

Customization and process configuration

  • User profile permissions – app configurations based on user roles profile for both processes and language
  • Business rules validations – ensure embedded compliance within processes with business rules and user interface alerts guaranteeing accurate transactions only
  • Client Customization – process configurations such as icons, names, descriptions, terms and conditions for services/products available, data privacy terms, web services, hybrid or cloud architecture
  • Document Creation – create pdf documents based on forms with multiple types of information embedded (image, metadata, e-signatures, location, etc.)

Access and Security

  • Auto Login & Tokenization – login connection via user & password. Token management with time to leave. Admin back office features to block devices or users via request
  • Online and Offline Processing – work remotely with or without connectivity
  • Offline SMS Receipts – configure short message service for off-line processing in order to receive receipts after processes completion
  • Information Encryption – encrypted data on device and transfer. All information destroyed after successfully transferred to the document management system

At the end of day, the goal is to take full advantage of the mobile capture benefits in areas like:

Mobile Team:

  • Contract Management
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Order Delivery Checklist
  • Field Inspections
  • Claims Management
  • Enterprise Department Forms (Expenses, Maternity Leaves…)

  • Onboarding Visitors
  • Service or Product Subscriptions
  • Refunds
  • Alternative to Queues
  • Claims Management
  • Onboarding Employees
  • Immigration Requests

All checked. Don’t wait no more! If you are evaluating enterprise mobile capture solutions, consider these key things and go for it! Turn your device into an enterprise document capture and processing app and celebrate paper-free processes… anywhere, anytime!


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