Automate and optimize your forms processing tasks

Auto Reconciliation

Managing critical Auto Reconciliation tasks at the entry point is critical to increase productivity and ensure information quality at a lower cost.

Optimize Operations

Get all the information and tools you need to run and optimize your Papersoft Auto Reconciliation services.

Enhanced profitability

Automate forms processing and speed up forms handling by eliminating paper-based document lifecycle management procedures.

Enhanced productivy

Automation and Accuracy

Capture requirements have evolved beyond document scan, image creation, meta-data association, and digital storage in a centralized repository or backend system. This was why many legacy capture applications were purchased, but organizations now want to increase their cost savings, maximize automation and achieve productivity gains.

How it works

What does it do?

Offers image archiving on key index fields, quickly and accurately populating an ERP, CRM, accounting, workflow and/or document management system with data and images:

  • Captured data is immediate available, enabling timely workflows and business decisions.

Automates extracting header and footer data for indexing and business uses with advanced recognition technology:

  • Dramatically reduce the keystrokes required to enter data while delivering data directly into the ERP, accounting, workflow and/or document management solution in a fraction of the time.
  • Utilize business rules to automatically validate data and deliver images into the workflow process.

Has full back-end ERP integration with line items and can extract data from an unlimited number of fields:

  • Automatically match form registration numbers with contract numbers, virtually eliminating tedious, labor-intensive, manual matching.

Speed up processes and cut operational costs

To get to this level of performance, you need to leverage auto reconciliation functionality. Organizations that automate identification, routing and extraction of data are able to speed up their processes and cut operational costs by dramatically reducing, if not eliminating, labor-intensive document preparation, data entry, and validation tasks. An additional benefit is… the more targeted and automated up-front processing is, the content can be better and more quickly delivered and used downstream.

Manage paper capture and electronic files together

Papersoft data extraction and validation solutions maximizes automation during the capture process. Document information can be identified, extracted, classified, routed, and indexed with little, if any, manual intervention. In addition, all types of documents, including both forms and unstructured documents, can be read, classified, and identified. Electronic files, such as spreadsheets, word documents, and PDFs, can flow in a process alongside paper documents, enabling your organization to manage paper capture and electronic files together.

Automate paper documents lifecycle

The advanced document and data recognition capabilities available with Papersoft data extraction and validation features empowers organizations to the next step in automating the lifecycle of paper documents. This includes common business critical processes like loans, applications, claims, tax filings, invoice processing, and other document-driven processes.

It’s like building pieces of Lego®

Empowering inspiration business scenarios

Each Papersoft Licensing Pack has a specific function and the combination of Packs allows to meet the most different process management and organizational needs – in an agile, secure and accurate way.

Based on more than 17 years of experience, Papersoft can guide you on the path to innovation with streamlined Delivery Packages that smooth the path to your digital transformation journey.

“Papersoft Invoice Processing services allows finance departments to easily automate the processes associated with accounts payable/receivable. These processes include invoice reception and handling, reconciliation and approvals, disbursement scheduling, settlement (including confirmation and reporting), and internal and external service support.”

Cristina Silva
Cristina SilvaOperations DirectorPapersoft


Major Benefits


  • Forms Processing.
  • Forms Sorting.


  • No lost documents.
  • Can be accessed by multiple users and locations simultaneously.


  • Forms can be scanned and processed on the day that they are received increasing visibility for management.


  • Access to documents is quicker.
  • Information sharing is enhanced.
  • Storage space for of physical documents is less.


  • Fewer data entry mistakes are made.

Customer Segment

Who needs it?


  • Organize unstructured data.
  • Manage volume peaks.
  • Register accurate data into ERP´s.
  • Meet regulatory target dates.
  • External/Internal audit control.
  • Vendor relation satisfaction.
  • Credibility/Professionalism.


  • Aprove/Reject internal information.
  • Avoid service cancellation/penalties.
  • Optimize cash flow.

The processing flow in 10 seconds

How dows it work?

Metadata Extraction & Business Rules
External Knowledge Base Master ValidationsQuality Control & adaptive classification technologyBPM Client Exception Handling
(Web Browser)
Following fields are extracted using extraction module:

– Up to 3 fields
– Up to 10 fields
– Up to 20 fields

Using template business rules we will match information consistency with other documents from the process such as Ids annexures on a contract, signatures, budgets VS invoice, etc. automating the human validation control checks.

Papersoft uses fuzzy database reconciliation comparing information such as names, address, bank details, customer number, order number, with the master data (txt/csv). It’s also possible to match information by consuming customer webservices from ERP, CRM, AML/KYC or legacy systems.Papersoft operator performs a visual check and makes manual insertions / additions to the extracted form data with direct image access.

A validation workstation shows the user the invoice data and the corresponding image. The image section can be magnified allowing the user to quickly check the result without fatigue. The field color shows incorrect fields at a glance.

The editing mode is variable, so the processing may be limited only on erroneous invoices. During the validation the user can directly jump from one faulty field to another.

The new coordinates of the field saved and the system self-learns updating the project and fixing the issue.

Business conclusions will be flagged and all mismatched items are grouped by case for client validation. The exceptions can be categorize by type on a dashboard.

– Rejection process. A template email can be created with all mismatch reasons and shared with a contact.
– Acceptance process. The user is able to edit information for a specific item and update the input before submission to the customer system.

Advanced data extraction

Auto Reconciliation Services

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