• Fast and Intelligent Capture

    Gain contextual understanding and knowledge from today’s mass of multi-channel unstructured data.

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  • Innovation and New Ways of Working

    Implement intelligent, easy to configure and customize, with short delivery times and seamless integration, solutions that allow you work easier, safer and faster.

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  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

    Capture or produce, transform and manage, or deliver content by the rules and legal principles. Detect fraud and ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

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  • Retention and Dissemination of Knowledge

    Deal with complex integration processes and deliver/exchange information in the context of knowledge sharing. Connect your IT heterogeneous landscapes and information silos across distributed applications and technical systems.

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  • Cost and Process Efficiencies

    Do more with less with a service-oriented offer that allows you to accelerate operational efficiency by leveraging outputs (revenues) and reducing inputs (costs) to run business operations (software, hardware, and FTEs – Full-Time Equivalent).

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Speed up your digital transformation journey

Work, save and sell better

Unify data, content review, information processing and knowledge management into a single experience with a modern capture platform that is more than just scanning and OCR.

Digital Foundation

A innovative platform designed from the ground up to solve today`s content management challenges.

Workplace Mobility

A new way of working and creating real business value anywhere, anytime.

  • Smart Form

    On-demand, elastic, scalable, and customizable forms.

Papersoft / AIIM free webinar modern capture

Papersoft/AIIM Free Webinar – Growing the Seed for Your Digital Revolution with Modern Capture

Modern capture has become so much more than document scanning and digital storage. Today, capture is viewed as the starting line where digital transformation initiatives begin. In other words, business-critical data isn’t just being captured and stored, now it’s being integrated with critical workflows to help people work more effectively, more profitably, and with less risk and errors.

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