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Embracing Papersoft products & services for enterprise document lifecycle management is the most intelligent, reliable and affordable way to fully dematerialize, integrate and automate your business processes.

Daniel Alves

“Our offer cuts through the long, confusing and difficult to implement paper-free company project. Our pragmatic approach to a digital transformation project was developed over the years and will help you easily and affordably solve real problems.”

Daniel AlvesGeneral Manager and CEOPapersoft
Mohamed Shameel Aziz Joosub

“In appreciation for outstanding achievement and excellence in contributing to the success of Vodacom, far beyond all expectation, it´s with great pleasure that we announce Papersoft as Vodacom 2016 business partner of the year.”

Mohamed Shameel Aziz JoosubCEO, Executive Director and ChairmanVodacom Group
Cristina Silva

“It’s time to concentrate on how documents can be brought together through a single pipe or point of capture that automates the transformation of time-critical business information.”

Cristina SilvaDirector of OperationsPapersoft Mozambique


Software as a Service & Business Process Outsourcing – Two complementary ways of providing the information you need, when you need, wherever it is located, in the right, compliant and secure way.

Mobile & Web Document Management Platform

An efficient, self-service, decentralized, agile and secure paperless experience.

BPO – Shared Services Centre (SSC) – Digital Mailroom

A great option to increase productivity with higher expertise at a lower cost.

Celebrating paper-free processes isn´t a trend.

Global business needs, customer expectations and regulatory obligations have changed and are here to stay! Check out our key numbers from real projects:


BPO – Shared Services Processing Centres


ISO/IEC certified


% of data


% of regional and industry compliance


Processed pages
per year


Transactions per month generated through Papersoft Mobile Capture app and Web Portal


Current users of Papersoft Mobile Capture app


Minutes for customer onboarding and KYC anytime, anywhere

An end-to-end & integrated global offer

Maximize your organization revenues, efficiency, security and compliance with paper-free processes, from start to finish.

Cross-Industry solutions

Industry solutions


Contracts and subscriptions

Product delivery

Lost and prevention


Records Management

E-records management

Retention policies

Safe destruction

Deep storage

Hundreds of organizations around the globe are already taking advantage of Papersoft products and services. Here are some examples:

We would love to demonstrate you the power of Papersoft document processing and management products and services. Get in touch and count on us to solve the main pitfalls of paper-based and manual processes. Start saving time and money… now!

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