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Explore Papersoft specific value proposition to your line of business and find the solution or service that meets your unique, content and information management day-to-day needs.

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Accomplish the four critical goals

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Capture or produce, transform and manage, or deliver content by the rules and legal principles. Our solutions and services help you detect fraud and ensure that you comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Retention and Dissemination of Business Knowledge

Deal with complex integration processes and deliver / exchange information in the context of user activities, and therefore knowledge sharing initiatives. Connect your IT heterogeneous landscapes and information silos across distributed applications and technical systems.

Cost and Process Efficiencies

Do more with less… Our offer oriented to service allows you to optimize your operational efficiency by leveraging your outputs (revenues) and reducing your inputs (costs) to run your business operations (software, hardware and FTEs – Full Time Equivalent).

Innovation and New Ways of Working

Easy to configure and to customize, with short delivery times and seamless integration functionalities, Our solutions and services are the most intelligent and innovative option for companies that wish to work easier, safer and faster.

27001 ISO/IEC

certified methodology

100 %

process evidence accordingly to NATO standards

700.000 Sales

per month easily and quickly generated through Papersoft Apps

17 Years

of experience

No better place to digitally transform your business

Boosting hundreds of organisations competitiveness all over the world


Get better results by turning your content management tasks more agile and more compliant with the established business goals, quality procedures and reporting policies.

Three reasons

Why changing the way you manage your content should be a top priority

Quick wins to business problems NOW!

Our solutions and services are specific to vertical industries or horizontal uses and provide an immediate solution to a content problem. They may include things like correspondence management, case and claims management, contracts management and invoice processing, among others.

Guarantee that your content is accessible anywhere, anytime, regardless of its repository

Papersoft has its own repository or content server and may also integrate external ones through connectors and APIs. Our offer integrates sets of content-related services, micro-services, repositories and tools that support standard enterprise content use cases. Our solutions and services include automation tools for document management, capture, search, indexing, categorization, version control, workflow, records management and content analytics and supports several deployment options, including on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

Work with a robust combination of content strategy and federating technology

In a services-oriented world, Papersoft solutions and services are a must have because the service oriented features greatly enhance the capabilities of your content in some way. As you know, content may come from multiple sources and in multiple formats, but that is no problem for us that will integrate the content together, and with, other applications or third party systems, according to your particular needs. For example, Papersoft application may analyse and automatically tag, through robotics, content or run a service that transforms handwritten data to a digital one, through OCR / ICR data extraction technology. After the extraction, the data may be sent to a CRM, ERP or any other business application.

Daniel Alves

“Our offer cuts through the long, confusing and difficult to implement paper-free company project. Our pragmatic approach to a digital transformation project was developed over the years and will help you easily and affordably solve real problems.”

Daniel AlvesGeneral Manager and CEOPapersoft
Mohamed Shameel Aziz Joosub

“In appreciation for outstanding achievement and excellence in contributing to the success of Vodacom, far beyond all expectation, it´s with great pleasure that we announce Papersoft as Vodacom 2016 business partner of the year.”

Mohamed Shameel Aziz JoosubCEO, Executive Director and ChairmanVodacom Group
Cristina Silva

“It’s time to concentrate on how documents can be brought together through a single pipe or point of capture that automates the transformation of time-critical business information.”

Cristina SilvaDirector of OperationsPapersoft Mozambique

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